Do You Know How Will You Maintain Your Timber Deck?

Timber decks can always be a beautiful addition to your property and can help you to make a great outdoor space by virtue of their elegance. However, often because of the exposure to outside weather and humidity, very soon they may look dull.

Hence, for ensuring the long life of your deck, it is important to maintain thetimber decking so that you can ensure a fresh look of your decking for a longer time. The following are a few easy and simple steps that can be followed for maintaining the timber decking so that it can last for years.

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  1. Regular cleaning

Your first step will be regular cleaning to maintain the timber deck. Also, your floor installer from Gold Coast can offer you help and support to do this job. Maintaining and protecting your outdoor decking will need some work however, it may not be too strenuous.

Usually, dirt, debris, grit, etc. are the main reason why your timber decking may appear faded and cause rot. So, you need to remove all the dirt and maintain them regularly.

  1. Periodic inspection

With timber decking, often loose floorboards will be the most common issue and hence if you do not take enough care of them, sooner than later there will be permanent damage that may call for costly repairs.

While your timber decking will start aging, swell, and crack, the boards start shrinking and cause the screws and nailsto peek just above the surface.Hence,regular inspection is very essential.

  1. Sanding and resealing

For any worn-out and dull timber decking, doing the sanding, and resealing will be critical. With the help of any suitable timber decking sanding services, you can perform the sanding operation on the following areas of the deck.

  • Sanding your deck surface

While sanding any hardwood, generally the objective is to get the smoothest possible surface, yet this may not be the case while sanding your outside deck surface. To do sanding on the deck wood planks, you need to use sandpapers having more coarseness than 60/80 cornmeal.

  • Sanding board edges

Often sanding any external edges of your deck board may be a little troublesome, particularly if your railings have got a rail of the low base baluster. Once again use sandpaper with the coarseness of 60 – 80 for your end grain.

  • Sanding the railings

Sanding your railing of the deck is important since it is the most visible component where everybody will concentrate.

By applying the above tips you can get the desired result. You must prefer to hire an experienced tradie whenever you will need any sanding and polishing of timber floor.

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