Different Tools to Use on the Modern Bolt

Is it feasible to call a technician, a plumber, or an electrician for minor repairs or fixings like fastening a screw or tightening a bolt? I guess it’s a NO! These issues of screws or nuts getting loose, installing new articles, changing your car’s tire, or fastening nuts are pretty common in a house but surely, you don’t need a professional for these minor fixings.

A Modern socket set is a specially-designed kit for household and commercial purposes to fix issues like tightening or loosening nuts and bolts, installing articles, and much more. Now the question arises – why do you need a bolt kit? Read further to get the answer. 

Why do you need a modern socket kit? 

The items in our homes comprise of a variety of screws and nuts that differ in shapes and sizes. All these nuts require different tools for their adjustments. A modern socket kit encapsulates all the tools and heads one needs for a professional or amateur repair, making the kit a “must-have” professional and household requirement.

So if you still don’t have a modern socket kit or are planning to buy a new one, here are some popular socket kits that you can surely go for. 

1/2 Inch Drive 70 Piece Tightspot Impact Socket Set

1/2 Inch Drive 70 Piece TIGHTSPOT Impact Socket Set is an extraordinary socket kit, designed especially for both professional and household purposes. The manufacturer claims the socket set to be the most complete set, comprising of almost all the common bolt fasteners for catering to the bolts of varying shapes and sizes. 

The set has passed all the safety and reliability standards and has been approved by all the testing institutions including metric and SAE i.e. Society of Automotive Engineering, making the kit the most trusted and the safest socket set in the market. 

About The Manufacturer 

Jaeger Tools has been a leading wrench box manufacture, ruling the industry since 1940. The company gives you several reasons to choose its 1/2 Inch Drive 70 Piece TIGHTSPOT Impact Socket Set, some of which are as follows:

  • Much faster griping than any other socket kit in the industry
  • 72 teeth and 5-degree ratcheting allowing instant movement and ruggedness
  • Vanadium enrich tools for the strongest steel tools 


3/8 Inch Drive 84 Piece TIGHTSPOT Impact Socket Set

Jaeger Tools brings to you another incredible socket set with much more advanced tools for the most professional work. Like TIGHTSPOT’s other socket sets, this versatile tool kit has also passed all the safety standards, including SAE and metric, making it perfectly safe for professional purposes. 

3/8 Inch Drive 84 Piece TIGHTSPOT Impact Socket Set is Jaeger Tool’s largest socket set, comprising of 84 pieces! In other words, you’ll have a perfect fastener for every bolt. Being such a massive socket set, we don’t think that it’s feasible to use it for household purposes. 

Here are some highlights that make this socket kit stand out among similar sets of other brands: 

  • Built with the most powerful and flexible steel aerospace-grade cr-mo steel
  • Largest socket set with 84 “must-needed” bolt fasteners 
  • Strategic design to apply more force and reduce rounding of bolts through a perfect grip.
  • Faster alignment with the groves for a smooth grip on the bolts
  • Jaeger tool’s reliability and lifetime warranty

Backed up by the trust of Jaeger Tools, 24pc Inch & Metric TIGHTSPOT Ratcheting Wrench Set is regarded as the perfect set for professional use and if you too are looking for a full-fledged wrench set, the product is for you.  

24pc Inch & Metric TIGHTSPOT Ratcheting Wrench Set 

This 24 piece wrench set has been designed to ease out the tediousness of changing bolt fasteners for different bolts. This time TIGHTSPOT has created a socket set with wrenches of different bolt-fastening heads rather than a single wrench with a changeable head.

24pc Inch & Metric TIGHTSPOT Ratcheting Wrench Set gives you ample reasons to choose the product over other similar products, some of which are as follows:

  • Perfect Organization: 

Jaeger Tools has designed the product to be quickly accessible and highly user friendly. The technician need not mess up just to take one tool out. The perfect design of the kit allows you to take a wrench out without disturbing the arrangement of other wrenches.

  • Easy-Grip: 

72 teeth and 5-degree ratcheting allows the user to reach remote places as the design reduces the swing intensity.

  • Seven Stage Construction: 

The seven-stage construction process provides extreme durability to the wrenches. Besides, the aerospace-grade vanadium strengthens the material while chromium plating prevents corrosion.

  • Lifetime Warranty: 

Jaeger Tools provides unlimited warranty on their products and the buyer can get the wrench set replaced/refunded if there’s a problem.  2

Common Wrench Types 

Wrenches have been an inherent mechanical tool used in almost every repairing and manufacturing industry. Here are some wrenches that you’ll see commonly in every workshop:

  • Allen Wrench: T-shapes wrenches for bolts with hexagonal recess
  • Box-End Wrench: closed-loop wrench for square or hexagonal bolts 
  • Crowfoot Wrench: open-ended wrenches without a handle for handling deeply-located bolts
  • Combination Wrench: a two-sided wrench with a closed-loop on one end and U-shaped on the other side.
  • Lug Wrench: X-shaped wrench especially for the bolts of car wheels.
  • Ratcheting Wrench: a two-end wrench with ratcheting head on one side 
  • Socket Wrench: for tightening or loosening the bolts without lifting the wrench
  • Alligator Wrench: a wrench with jaw-shaped head
  • Cone Wrench: a wide, flat wrench generally used for bicycles, washing machines, etc.
  • Dog Bone Wrench: a two-sided wrench with box-shaped heads on both the sides
  • Flare Nut Wrench: a sleek wrench with box-end on side and open-end on another

In The End 

These wrenches and sockets sets comprise almost all the heads you need for your work. Thus, if you too are looking out for a new wrench set, these products are worth trying. In case of any confusion be sure to seek assistance from professionals who have immense knowledge about this concept.