Difference between Memory foam and latex memory foam mattress

Have you heard of the latest mattress innovations but unable to distinguish what is good for you and what’s not? Numerous salespersons and manufacturers throw out terms such as latex memory foam mattress and memory foam mattress for describing their products and respective specifications. In this article we have summarized these terms and presented their similarities their differences to make you understand what latex and memory foam mattress is. We have also discussed how you could be benefitted from these materials, and which one suits your requirements better.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam was first utilized in 1960 by NASA for protecting the pilots during crashes. There are multiple reasons for choosing this material for the task. Memory foam is a type of polyurethane particularly designed with a composition of various chemicals. This composition resulted in a material which is highly dense and is energy absorbent.

When your body is pressed into the material, the process of recovery of the material to its original form is not very quick. This feature enhances the support and comfortability when it is added with the upper layers. Manufacturers have found that this material can provide the required to the people suffering from joint or back pain.

What is Latex foam?

Latex foam, as compared to memory foam, has a lot of bounce and faster recovery time. The mattress will resume its original shape quickly as soon you lift your hand up, after pressing it onto the latex memory foam mattress. Different types of latex materials are available for the manufacturing of latex bed mattress.

One of them is the natural latex that is obtained from rubber trees in its purest form. It can be extracted and manufactured into mattress in an economical way. Natural latex bed mattress is also the first choice for those who opt for an all-natural option.

The other option is the synthetic latex, which is obtained by using a number of different chemicals and synthetic materials. The major difference between the natural and synthetic option is the amount of bounce they both have. The synthetic version will have lesser bounce as compared to the natural version.

Differences between memory foam and latex memory foam mattress

The differences between latex memory foam mattress and memory foam mattress persists in two aspects, which are mentioned below.

  • Conformity: One of the major differences between the two mattresses is the way they conform to your body. Memory foam will completely conform to your body’s exact shape, whereas latex foam will only conform to the general impressions of your body, and will bounce back.
  • Motion Transfer: Another major difference between the two mattresses is the way they isolate motion. No motion transfer is allowed in memory foam mattress, even if your partner moves frequently during the night. Whereas in case of latex memory foam, they are not able to isolate motion very well. You can absolutely feel if your partner moves frequently during the night. Though, it has a quick response time as compared to memory foam.

Who should you pick memory foam mattress?

Memory foam mattress is an ideal option for most sleepers due to a number of reasons mentioned below.

  • Best for side and back sleepers
  • Most people prefer it
  • Provides relief from pressure points
  • A good option for allergic sufferers.

Who should you pick latex memory foam mattress?

Latex memory foam mattress is suitable and preferred by a number of sleepers due to the reasons mentioned below.

  • They are firm
  • Environment friendly
  • Experts prefer them as being extremely comfortable


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