Crucial importance of accurate weighing systems for planes with the aviation industry opening up as the Covid-19 vaccine rolls out globally.

Weighing your aircraft quickly and accurately has never been so crucial. In the past year, all aviation services (passenger and non-passenger) have endured the rigamarole of cancelations, delays and unexpected detours to comply with the ever-changing quarantine measures across the globe. The good news is, leading edge aircraft weighing systems have never been so accessible and in the wake of the universal vaccine rollout and subsequent need for improved efficiencies, reputable brands such as Trakblaze are ready to contribute their ingenuity to your cause.

Improving your aircraft weighing processes now has the dual benefit of providing quicker relief to countries awaiting their vaccines as well replicating increased speed across a myriad of different flights and aircrafts. Trakblaze makes the equation simple- quicker weighing speeds per day trickle into greater speeds per month thus contributing to increased amount of flights and annual profit. Traditionally this may have impinged upon aircraft safety, but safety always comes first. Creating a sense of replicability allows for predictability and can offer huge benefits to local populations in tandem with your organisation.

Enter the RunweightTM Dynamic Aircraft Weighbridge and Balancing system. Thanks to its combined German and Australian engineering, the Runweight is a cutting-edge solution to all weigh-in-motion needs and provides consistent accuracy when operating at high speed across different environments. Its adaptability allows it to be fitted to any runway, taxiway, apron infrastructure or maintenance area which is a crucial benefit worth noting in response to the volatility facing flight paths across the globe.

Specifically, it provides a level of accuracy to within 1% of actual weight or better – all the while the aircraft is in motion. It’s quick installation time minimises downtime with minimal post-sales service required. Modifications and customer support is only a phone call away if needed as Trakblaze’s reputation also consists of its thorough customer care. The system incorporates 9 x FORCE in motion weighing pads – up to 150t capacity each and approx. 2mtr x 3mtr x 250mm. These are individual weigh pads that provide data on the weight of the plane prior to take off.

Above all, the Runweight provides an additional safety net to assist in reducing human error and confirms pilot or engineer inputs prior to take off. Aviation take-off incidents have historically resulted from a lack of cross-checking procedures and in addition to the efficiencies and profitability the Runweight provides, an extra layer of safety is of utmost importance.

88 years of ingenuity across the aviation, locomotive and truck industries has resulted in a reliability that can’t be overlooked. The quality and easy application of Trakblaze’s Runweight now provides flight crews with a real time display of the critical weights and balances of all aspects of the aircraft (Nose Gear, Aft Gear, LHS & RHS wheel weights). Furthermore, it’s versatility to be adapted to the array of environments in and around the runway make the Runweight the ideal weighing system comprising quality, durability, safety and replicability.