Cricket Fantasy- The tips and tricks

It is an online game in which you select a team of eleven players of your choice and win small prizes. But if one wants to earn big prizes then he needs to be pro in selecting the best team that performs well and helps in winning the points. Cricket Fantasy game is not as easy as one thinks. It involves several tips to play. Also, these tips will help one in creating your team.

To become a master in this virtual game. Let’s dive in to understand the whole concept. The tips for cricket fantasy are-

  1. Class players in the long run-

The performance of the team will affect your earnings. So, while choosing the team not only the past performances and records should consider. But, try to check their recent performances. The recent performances would give a more clear idea of winning. A class player will be suitable if you’re selecting the team for a League. Class players can play in the long run.

  1. Analyzing the pitch and weather condition-

The next tip is, to analyze the pitch which most people ignore while playing online fantasy cricket. If it has to play in the afternoon and has a dry pitch, then you should pick more spinners in your team. If it’s a flat pitch then it is advisable to pick more bowlers. Try to hold this strategy right and stand the chance of winning amazing prizes.

  1. Active and present on the day of the match-

Make sure the team you have selected should be active and present on the day of the match. Don’t get curious about seeing their records. If they are absent on the match day then it will be your loss. This pro tip should consider at earliest.

  1. Fringe points-

You will also get some fringe benefits in the form of bonus points. These bonus points will be rewarded on catches, stampings, and run-outs. So, if you are playing point game, make sure to track the team player for their regular catches. This way the point score will also increase.

  1. Investing in team player for desired output-

The bid has to put on the team player whom you think could do better in matches. It’s important to place a bid on the right player to get the desired results. Also, young and talented players should be welcome first and create the right balance.

  1. The ultimate Captain and Vice-Captain-

Cricket is incomplete without Captain and a Vice-captain. They play a vital role in Fantasy cricket. Thus, one should select the captain who is an all-rounder and earns you 2 times extra points. On the other hand, Vice-captain will help you earn 1.5X points. The combination of both captain’s points will give the largest points.

  1. Checking the last moment updates-

If your player becomes ill, then it is important to look at the updates and news to replace the player with another. Also, you should be aware of changing positions during the match.

  1. Selecting batsmen-

Batsmen are the key player in Cricket. The expectations are high from top-order batsmen to score big runs.

  1. Bowlers-

Bowlers are as important as a batsman in a cricket fantasy league. While choosing effective players, the player’s capability to take the wicket is considered. The bowler has to give a test on the pitch by knocking down the pins.

  1. Blockbuster move-

To reduce the disappointment of not winning a match. You can even create many teams that will help to win the content. Even if you lose one match, the other opportunity is still way back. Thus, it will prove a blockbuster move for the team.

  1. Re-check your team-

Once you have confirmed the players, re-check their performance and record scores. This will give you the surety of selecting the best players for your team. Keep yourself updated and take out a maximum of 15 minutes to check their performance. The players should make an effort to perform well in matches.

  1. Toss-

How one can forget about toss in a cricket. Toss decides the fate of one team either to go first for batting or bowling.  Once the toss has been done, the list of confirmed players will pop up. Make sure all players in the Cricket are active and participate. Otherwise, the team will lose and you won’t able to make high points.

  1. The right combination for winning-

The right combination of players will stand a chance of winning. Like for example, batsmen (3-6) or all-rounders (1-4). The right and the left combination is crucial in cricket.

  1. Steps to earn money-

Some of the people have downloaded the cricket fantasy app to earn money. But doesn’t know how to earn. This is an important tip for earning money from cricket fantasy. The following steps include-

Step 1- Choose a match

Step 2- Select a contest among various contests available

Step 3- Build your team

Also, you can form 2-3 teams if required.

  1. Uncapped players-

Uncapped players are the one who has not to get the chance to represent his country at international level. They only have a domestic cricket experience. Thus, it important to select the matches according to the contest and the players involved. The base price also depends upon the capped and uncapped players.

  1. Various types of Fantasy contest-

The fantasy cricket users are attracted by a two-three member contest and then jumping to a huge winning pot in a cricket league.

The last words-

Cricket is not only a game but an emotion for Indians. How crazy they become when test matches to world cup begin. Every single individual is so curious about cricket that they leave the work behind and watch their favorite players. The interest remains the same when they play on the pitch or online. Thus, the virtual game gives you the feeling of a real one. There are so many best cricket fantasy app available on Playstore. No matter how long you get in your age but the love for cricket never dies in the heart of people.