Cons of Photolemur


There are many editing apps which have pros as well as cons. It would help if you did not ignore drawbacks, which will affect your editing experience. Few apps have a slight difference from each other. But then it comes to you and your judgment. If you have that judgemental eyes, then any minute difference or error will be visible to you. Therefore, looking for the best editing apps is necessary. Photolemur is an excellent editing app with unique features. But as we mentioned earlier, there are flaws everywhere. Here in this article, we will highlight some noticeable cons or drawbacks of this editing app.


  • Steady for raw files

Raw files are of great importance in today’s world. There is a need for a great editing app which can be used for these raw files. Usually, some editing apps do not perform well on raw files. Well, photolemur is no stranger in this field too. You cannot expect any outstanding performance for this editing app too. This editing app words slow. You would experience a little lag while proceeding in the next step. Therefore, this editing app is not suitable for raw files.

  • Lack of controls

Well, controls will make a massive difference in the performance of editing apps. Here, every small detailing is not included. Some effects are automatically applied to the photos. This makes your editing experience weak. Due to this, your photo will not give a satisfactory result. Therefore, this same issue would be experienced by you with this app. You cannot edit apps with full control over your hand. If you want more editing controls, you can opt for the premium version. Therefore, there is a lack of manual controls in this editing app.

  • Results are calculated again with every change

This is one of the biggest cons of this editing app. Apart from its easy controls and manual editing ability, this drawback is quite visible. If you apply a filter or edit any photo with this app, you have to wait for it. This processing is repeated for every single edit step you take. This results in wastage of time and energy. Also, due to this drawback, there was heat about the waiting period. This might end up highlighting the frustration issue too. You would feel to skip the editing step after a new waiting period. This is not a minor drawback for this app. Therefore, you have to wait for the processing time after every editing step.

  • Not a professional editing app

This is quite obvious that this editing app is not for professionals. You cannot expect any professional editing experience from this app. There are a few features which are unique and something new. But, this does not make an app professional. Some professional apps are paid, and they provide a premium professional editing experience. Here, with this app, there is nothing like this. Some general features are available for you to do basic editing. You can also avail of the premium controls and editing featured by upgrading your account. This involves many steps and also includes money. Therefore, this editing app is not a professional app.

We hope that this article will provide the data needed.