Complete information on the French bulldogs, their history and bulldog supplies

It is surprising to see how breeders of French bulldogs renamed English bulldogs and gave the name of their nation. They added a prefix ‘French’ to the ‘bulldogs’, but bulldogs have been the representatives of the British culture. It is only the French who loved smaller version of English bulldogs not liked by the English. Hence, the smaller bulldogs, better known as the ‘toy bulldogs’ were exported to France from England. When smaller bulldogs came in touch with French, they adopted French ways and became different from the English ones. Therefore, you will find three different categories of bulldogs, namely, Frenchie, American bulldogs and bullies. The ancestors of all these bulldogs are same but their names are different. Bulldog breeders love bulldogs be it American, Frenchie or English.

Distinguishing traits of the bulldogs

Are you a bulldog breeder? You need to dedicate yourself totally to breed a bulldog. Know one thing, a bulldog is not at all a low maintenance creature. Each kind of bulldog has its behavioral traits, feeding habits, health issues and social needs. The buyer of a bulldog must also meet the needs of the creature, and it is the task of a breeder to help him out. Before buying a bulldog, you should know everything about it. No matter what class of bulldog it is, the grooming needs, food habits and social needs will almost be similar. Both English bulldog and French bulldog has wrinkled faces and pug noses. Due to the short muzzle of the nose, breathing may be difficult, and so most of the bulldogs develop breathing issues.  You have to keep them indoors when the outside temperatures are extreme. Again, you cannot leave a bulldog in a hot room for it might get a heatstroke.

Tips to care for bulldogs

To keep bacteria and germs away from the ears of bulldogs, it is important to wipe the ears and the wrinkles. You also need to take your bulldog outside for a daily walk. A bulldog can easily put on weight and this is a major problem. A large or a huge American bulldog needs more exercise. Again, it will follow you everywhere for a bulldog is a social being. If you notice any behavioral issue, you must immediately deal with it. Show love and affection to your bulldog and give positive reinforcement from time to time.

Bulldog supplies

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