Commonly Asked Questions About Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

Double Eyelid Surgeryis a specific surgery to help form creases in the eyelids. Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore has been increasing in popularity over the years and also in many parts in Asia. Let’s take a look at the commonly asked questions about Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore!

1. Is double eyelid surgery safe?

In Singapore, the procedure of double eyelid surgery is considered to be safe, as long done properly and with certified surgeons. Plastic surgery clinics in Singapore are board-certified and the surgeons are usually armed with years of experience. In general, all surgeries come with the general risks of infection of the wound and bleeding. Therefore, it is important to pick a surgeon with good skills and expertise to do the procedure for you.

2. Is double eyelid surgery painful?

Double eyelid surgery is a relatively painless process. You will experience minimal pain when the anaesthesia is injected. During the surgery, there will not be any pain as the eyelids are numbed with anaesthesia. After the anaesthesia wears off, there would only a slight ache and tightness on the eyelids.

3. How much does double eyelid surgery costs in Singapore?

The double eyelid surgery cost in Singapore differs from different clinics. The cost of the entire surgery process consists of the fees of the surgeon, operating theatre, medical consultations, stitches, anaesthesia. For the simpler non-incisional method, the surgery cost ranges from $3,200 to $3,500 whereas the incisional method ranges from $3,800 to $6,000.

4. What are the different types of double eyelid surgery in Singapore?

There are two types of procedure for double eyelid surgery in Singapore, namely, incisional and non-incisional surgery. The difference between the two procedures is as the name suggest, the incisional method would require the surgeon to make a cut on the eyelid while the non-incisional method would require the surgeon to mark the exact location of the fold and then suture the skin to create the crease.

5. What happens if I’m not satisfied with my double eyelid surgery result?

There may be several reasons for one to be unable with the results of the double eyelid surgery. However, it is important to note that during the first 6 weeks after the surgery the eyelids are still in the healing process and therefore might not look their best with the initial swelling. Therefore, it is important to relax the eye and allow it to heal properly.

If you are still unhappy with the results of the surgery, you can go back to your surgeon. It is important to be specific and communicate what is wrong and discuss what you want to change about the looks. Do remember to be patient with the surgeon as they are there to help you with the necessary changes and also to reassure you.

6. How to find a good double eyelid surgeon in Singapore?

It is important to first know and understand what you want your final eyelids to look like. For any plastic surgery process, it is important to do the necessary research on what kind of eyelids you like and then look for a corresponding surgeon. A good double eyelid surgery would require an experienced and certified plastic surgeon. Therefore, it is crucial to go to a reputable clinic with an experienced surgeon for the best experience and results.