Common Signs of a Fake Oriental Rug!

Although a lot of people in the area rug industry wouldn’t like to admit it, the truth is that many rug shoppers end up getting scammed when trying to find authentic Oriental rugs. There’s no denying that Oriental rugs are some of the most prized flooring decorations in the entire world, so there subsequently is a market for down-market knockoffs that look exactly like the real thing.

We’ve partnered with the rug experts at Rug Source to support us in our efforts to develop this list of common signs of fake Oriental rugs, and we know that rug shoppers everywhere can benefit from this list while they’re trying to put their trust while meandering through marketplaces, showrooms and while traveling the world.

So take it from the rug industry pros in that these are the fake rug warning signs that you should be on the look out for!

Be Sure To Closely Examine The Rug’s Backing

Oriental rugs always provide a ton of beauty and color into a home, and it’s always a major disappointment when people find out that their family heirloom is in fact a fake. One of the best ways you can truly tell if your Oriental rug is real or not is to flip it over and closely look at how the backing appears.

If you can see the exact same material and pattern on the back side of the rug as on the front side, then you can be pretty certain that you do have a genuine Oriental area rug. If you see a backing on the reverse side of the rug, then you may potentially have a fake.

Plastic backings are a warning sign that the rug wasn’t handmade but was actually hand-tufted, which means that the overall durability of the area rug is significantly diminished to only a handful of years. Authentic Oriental rugs have their backings woven in by hand, and this material holds the entirety of the rug together for decades to come!

Examining The Oriental Rug’s Fringe

You should also be sure to closely examine your Oriental rug’s fringe. When you see any kind of seam along the fringe/body of an area rug, it’s a clear sign that the fringe has actually been sewn on and that the rug is a counterfeit.

When there’s no seam along the rug’s fringe, you can be relatively certain that the fibers are actually hand-woven and that the Oriental rug is authentic. Genuine area rugs have fringes that are actually a significant part of what keeps the rug held together, which is why there will be knots at the base of the fringe as opposed to a seam.

Be Sure To See Manufacturer Information

A lot of brand new rugs in a showroom will come with detailed manufacturer information, which will let you better know if the rug was handmade and where it was developed. Although this information should be taken with a grain of salt if you believe the dealer has an incentive to deceive their customers, it’s still good to see real certifications and authentications about particular products prior to buying them.

Colorfastness & Dye Type

Rug dyes can come in all different types of options, including cheap chemical dyes. Chemical dyes are never utilized for genuine Oriental area rugs, because these rugs generally use vegetable dyes that have much better colorfastness. A good rule to keep in mind is that a rug lacking in colorfastness is more likely to be a fake.

The best way to test a rug’s colorfastness is to rub a damp paper towel up against the rug. If any dye comes off onto the paper towel, then you can pretty much know that it’s not authentic.

The Rug Was Simply Cheap

Possibly one of the best indicators of a fake Oriental rug is a ludicrously low price that seems too good to be true. There are plenty of scenarios in which people get lured into a rug by the price only to find out later that it’s in actually a counterfeit.

Every genuine Oriental rug is handmade and 100% unique, so they’re never purchased at bargain prices.

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There’s a ton that rug shoppers need to keep in mind when they’re on the hunt for a new Oriental rug, but in the end you’re going to need to trust your gut and make the best purchasing decision for you and your unique needs.

The best thing you can do is work with trusted, reputable specialists that will guide you in the right direction towards the Oriental rug of your dreams, and you can get in touch with the Rug Source team by going through the link at the top of the page to learn more!