Choosing the Right Plumber for the Job

If you are planning some plumbing work either at home or at work, then it’s essential that you find the right business to tackle to work. It’s a common assumption that all plumbers will have the skills and capability to handle most plumbing requirements and, whilst that’s largely true, often certain plumbing businesses are set up to serve specific needs. Choosing someone that has the right experience and equipment to handle your job could make quite a difference to the invoice issued on completion.

So, if you are based in south west Brisbane and are searching for a plumber Parkinson is a suburb that features a large proportion of business and industrial premises in comparison to the residential properties in the area. Dependent upon the type of work that you need carrying out there are numerous key requirements that any plumber should be able to satisfy before giving them the approval to proceed.

Firstly, are they licenced? Most states in Australia require people who carry out plumbing work to have passed all of the required test in order to get their license. Also make sure they have insurance, or you could be in a whole heap of trouble if the work they do is problematic, and it has repercussions for your property and possessions.

Secondly are they available for emergency call outs? Simply put, some plumbers are geared up for emergency response and others are more inclined to work regular daytime hours.

How experienced are they? Find out how long they’ve been operating in the industry and in the Brisbane region. Many of the so called ‘shonky’ operators tend to relocate frequently in order to leave their bad reputation behind or to avoid legal repercussions. A good indication of an established plumbing business will be someone who has a demonstrable track record of Google reviews, or on popular social media platforms such as FaceBook and Instagram. Also, there are specific plumbing capabilities that are not essential in order to gain a plumbing license but do require qualification and experience. For example, do you require a gas appliance to be installed. Or if you are a commercial operator such as a café or restaurant, you may have specialist requirements such as grease trap maintenance or backflow testing. It does no harm to ask first, and often, if the person you’ve contacted doesn’t have that capability, the chances are that they’ll put you on to someone that does.

Are they able to assess your requirements and provide a reasonably accurate estimate to complete your work? Be wary of any estimate that you receive on the phone, without sighting the job first. An experienced plumber will want to view and assess the scope of work before costing it.

What guarantees do they provide on work carried out? Also worth checking is who exactly will be doing the work? Will it be them or will it be a recently qualified student on work placement?

And as a final check, why not have a look at their Google My Business page to see firstly if they have any reviews at all, and secondly to see how well they score, and what the calibre of the comments are by previous customers.