Want to win child custody? Before deciding on a child’s future, you should study the legal terms and conditions put down by the government in terms of child custody. Houston child custody attorney is very famous in the region. What is child custody and how it works? Child custody is a phrase used when two individuals decide to part their ways. This term may sound easy, but it is never easy for the children who face this.

Today you will find a lot of partners parting their ways due to the incompatibility issues they face. Various partners are married but don’t have children. Whereas on the other hands are multiple partners to have children. Parting ways after having children is a tough decision. It becomes challenging for children to choose between either a mother or a father. Sometimes they have to sacrifice either one of their parents due to the unavoidable circumstances. This affects their mental health very severely.

Custody of the child is decided by keeping the terms and conditions of the law in mind. There are various types of custody that come into the picture. In a lot of scenarios, the parents fight to keep the children permanently with them. But it is only one parent who can win the case. To give a fair decision, the law has various types of custody for the child. Let’s study the types of custody in detail.


This is a type of custody under which the children live with only one parent. The custody of the children is solely given to one parent. That one parent has the complete right over the children. He or she can make decisions about their educational affair, health matters and financial decisions. The parent can completely decide on behalf of the children. He or she has the complete right over the children in any matter of affairs.


This is a type of custody under which the child custody is given to both the parties. In other words, both partners have complete rights over their children. Under this custody, children spend a particular decided period with their mother and the same tenure of the period with their father. They move from one place to another place depending on the tenure of the custody. Under this custody, both partners have the rights to take decisions of the children until they are with them. This is mutual custody that is made to benefit both the partners.


This is a type of custody under which the decision of the children is 16 taken by one partner. The individual partner has the complete right to take all the decisions on behalf of the children. The decision-making rights are given only to one partner.


Under this type of custody both the partners get equal rights to decide on behalf of their children. Both the partners have complete rights to decide what is good for the children. 50 % of the decision is taken by the farther the and the rest 50% of the decision is taken by the mother.