Can You Finance a Bail Bond?

When it comes to bail and bonds, many people understand that the existence of a market for bond companies is designed to provide release options for people who can’t afford cash bail in the amount set at arraignment. There are times it has other purposes, like when a judge orders bond as a condition of release instead of bail, but those are not as common as the use of the product to access release. So what do you do if you can’t afford to cover the full cost of a bond at once? Can you finance the up-front costs of bail bonds Harrisburg PA? Yes, you can.

How Bail Bond Financing Works

There are two ways to finance the cost of a bond. Some providers offer their own financing service, where you make a down payment and contract for regular payments to be made before the court date. More often, bail bond companies work with an outside provider. This reduces the company’s financial risk by making sure bond fees are paid up front while providing a payment option that suits the needs of customers who didn’t anticipate a big cash outlay. If you aren’t sure whether a bond company has either form of financing available, it’s worth asking.

Other Forms of Financing

You can always opt to tap into other credit resources if you can find a better deal than the ones offered by the bond financing industry. Many people choose to absorb bond fees with home equity credit lines or even credit cards, to allow them to make payments over a couple months. It all depends on what rates you can get and what balances you have available as to which offers the better deal, so make sure you comparison shop if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to finance a bond on short notice.