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Brent Emerson North Carolina on how to choose the perfect color of the Gown

When it comes to evening dresses there are so much variety that it can make shopping for the perfect one completely confusing. But, when you find the right dress, you will feel like a star in it. Not only will it be relaxed, it will also bring out your most excellent features and make you happy to show it off. Brent Emerson North Carolina, a renowned fashion designer says while the fabric of the gown largely determines its finish and structure, the color is what transforms the mood of the outfit. Different colors look better during diverse times of the day and pair better with various skin tones. You will need to choose a color for your gown that looks satisfying on you and is also appropriate for the occasion.

Listed below are some factors that you must think about to choose the perfect color for your gown:

  • One of the most important factors that you must consider is the weather. Bright neons and soft pastels are perfect for the summer but do not go perfectly with grey or dark weather. For an event in the rainy season, choose purples, blues, and greys. Mustard yellow, dark brown, and chocolate are perfect autumn colors whereas jewel tones such as deep amethyst purple or rich ruby work great for winters.
  • While gowns can be worn for both daytime and evening occasions, you must select an appropriate color as per the timing of the event. Softer colors and lighter shades look beautiful during the day while darker hues are more suitable for the evening. Even if you have a particular color of choice, you can opt for different shades for a day or night look correspondingly. For instance, if you want to wear green then choose a light, mint like lighter green for the day or a rich, pea green for the night.
  • Various gowns in the same fabric can look glamorous, formal, or festive based on the choice of color. As an instance, a black velvet gown is ideal for a formal event, while a purple velvet gown with silver embellishments works well for festive occasions.

Brent Emerson North Carolina further states that embroidery and embellishments in the same color as that of the fabric looks stylish while elevating the look of the outfit. In contrast, patch-work, 3D embroidery, or applique work in contrasting colors to the fabric provide a bolder finish for a statement outfit. You can choose for embellishments in the same color family as your gown’s fabric for a more traditional look and in contrasting or shimmery shades for celebratory occasions.