Biggest changes in Tech World

Today we will talk on 2 tech trends that change the world. First will be the live stream video platform. Nowadays video content is the most enjoyed form of information, especially live videos. In 2022, people don’t want to spend lots of time reading things or watching long videos. That’s why Twitch has become the most used video platform in recent years. You can actually use Twitch as a place for online marketing. To generate money, you need a large audience, so you can get Twitch live viewers easily.

Data, Monitoring, Traffic

Reliable data on CO2 reduction must be generated and this data must be accessible to different actors. Measures to make traffic more ecological, for example. A city toll and a consistent expansion of local public transport would be good for this.

At the COP26, important rules and procedures for comprehensible data monitoring were laid down under Article 6, which make realistic traceability in CO2 reduction possible. By 2024 at the latest, detailed accounting (including double counting of emissions) on climate progress will take effect for each country.

But climate digitization goes even further: the decarbonization of transport and the modernization of urban space cannot be implemented without extensive data management. The coalition agreement announces a mobility data law for this purpose, which, among other things, provides for the unrestricted use of vehicle data via a trustee model.