Best Ways To Keep a Backyard Pond Clean

Having a backyard pond can be a wonderful addition to the landscape when it’s cared for properly. Water is soothing, which can help create an oasis right outside your door. Here are some ways to maintain your pond and keep it healthy.

Create a Balance of Plants

Plants create a habitat when placed together in an environment. The right balance of pond plants helps prevent algae blooms, provides a feeding source for fish and builds up oxygen in the water. Plus, they make the pond aerators and fountains look more beautiful.

Have the Right Size Pump

The pump is an essential part of filtering the water efficiently. A pump circulates the water through the system to prevent a buildup of nasty elements. Check the filter often to ensure debris isn’t building up and blocking the flow.

Clean Regularly

A pond skimmer is a necessary tool you can use to remove leaves, sticks and other natural debris from the surface of your pond. Do this at least once a week to prevent items from sinking to the bottom where they decay and throw off the balance of nutrients.

Add Healthy Fish

Adding koi or goldfish can be an interesting way to add beauty to your pond. They are easy to care for and help keep the pond environment clean. Keep track of how many fish you have to avoid overpopulation. A crowded pond can lead to imbalances in the pond water.

Avoid Overfeeding Fish

Feed your fish on a schedule without giving them too much at one time. Extra food will sink to the bottom of the pond and cause nutrient issues as well.

With a basic maintenance routine, you can have a pond in your backyard that provides you with beauty, a relaxing atmosphere and a unique landscape element without causing any problems.