Best Audio Visual Products for Classrooms

Teachers are constantly trying to keep up with the latest technologies. Back even just a decade or so ago, teachers were still using large tabletop projectors and other now-obsolete equipment. Below are two pieces of technology that made their way into the 2020s classrooms.

Laser Projector

The older style projectors were known for having flimsy laminated sheets to write on. While these worked well enough, they often created blurry, smudged, and shadowed images. There was also no sound component included. Laser projectors are a great example of modern audio visual products, as this device can project both sound and picture.

How does this work? The laser projector will be connected to a A/V Company nashville tn, usually by an HDMI or similar cord. Aux cords can also be plugged into the computer to carry sound better. This way, the projector will be able to both show what is on the computer screen and play the sound from the computer.

Touch-Screen Board

Another great addition to a modern classroom is a touchscreen blackboard. These blackboards work as part computer, part board. Teachers can choose to display what is on their computer on some of these boards. Other times, teachers may use the boards like normal blackboards. Why is this better than a traditional blackboard? Teachers can “write” on the web pages or other computer screen that is on the blackboard. This makes it easier to show students what they should be focusing on. This can be done by pausing the screen and circling or highlighting important information.

Upgrading a classroom can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to new technologies. Luckily, these two pieces of equipment are tried in true in classrooms across the country. If other teachers can learn how to use them, then so can you! Do some more research to find out which laser projector or touchscreen board is right for your classroom!