Benefits of Security Guards

Although security is sometimes controversial, small and medium businesses have a responsibility to protect their companies and employees. Security guards may play a key role in providing this protection, but they offer other benefits as well.


Security companies with local clients have experience in your area. For example, security guard services New Orleans will understand the unique challenges and risks of doing business in New Orleans. If you find a security company that also has experience in your specific type or a similar type of business, the guards will understand the nuances of your risks and threats as well.


Visible security guards deter criminals. In fact, they are greater deterrents than video cameras. For example, if you have visible uniformed guards, a thief or vandal may reconsider messing with your business. In addition, well-trained guards learn to search out suspicious activities. These guards may also help you assess your risks and create a security plan.

Crime Response

Due to the different levels of security training available, some guards can respond to a crime, including detaining suspects, while others can only record the details, leaving the response to the police. No matter their training, licensed guards should be able to calmly and efficiently address threats and criminal activity.

Customer Care

Guards promote a sense of security for the employees and customers and suggest that the business cares about their safety. Not only do guards offer customers peace of mind, but they also serve as customer service providers. For example, they may offer directions or control access to sensitive areas. Because they know the business well, guards may also be able to help customers find the products they are looking for. They may escort internal and external customers in parking lots and streets around the business, ensuring they are safe and secure.

If you are concerned about threats to your business or have identified specific risks that must be addressed to protect your business and its internal and external customers, consider the benefits of hiring security guards.