Begus Insurance Group Declares Final Expense to Be Life Savior for Deceased Family

Final expense is the best way of leaving behind funds for the loved ones to take care of the burial expenses. The high expenses of the funeral process are the usual responsibilities of the loved ones, so there should be a way of alleviating the financial strain. Begus Insurance Group provides insurance on final expenses because they understand the financial and personal needs of an individual.

What is the Final Expense?

The final expense is also known as Burial Insurance, which is a small insurance policy with a decent premium amount that can be afforded by everyone. It is designed to pay off the funeral and all other final expenses of the deceased. This insurance can be taken by the children or the parents, and no medical examination is required for the approval of this insurance claim.

Final expense insurance is set up for senior citizens falling under the age group of 40-89 years. The terms and conditions for this insurance are lenient so that all senior citizens can qualify for it irrespective of their health issues. Dwight Lee, the Insurance Broker Agent in Begus Insurance Group, believes that it is wise to spread awareness among senior citizens about the final expense plan to understand their insurance needs.


The team of Begus Insurance Group devotes themselves to educate the clients about their insurance needs. Coming from Dwight Lee directly, “My team doesn’t work with the pressure of achieving sales target. We help the clients understand the product properly and eliminate all their concerns by providing the best plan within their budget.” With sudden life changes, the needs also change. It is the same for insurance plans which change with time. Whether it is life insurance, burial insurance, or Medicare supplements, people take the plan that suits their needs at that time.

Dwight Lee has seen many of his family members pass away without having any insurance coverage because they had limited knowledge about these plans. This struck him with an idea to become a passionate insurance agent. He now spreads awareness about insurance and its significance among people above 45 years of age. “I wanted to support families so that they don’t fall in a similar condition,” said Dwight Lee.

Begus Insurance Group provides three types of services –

  • Term Life Insurance gives the benefit to family members if the payee passes away during a time. The family members will receive a certain amount which will be one time.
  • Final expense or burial insurance will give the loved ones the chance to take care of the funeral expenses without bearing it from their pocket.
  • Medicare Supplements is also known as ‘Medigaps’ plan that helps in paying those medical bills that are out of the pocket.

People are busy paying off their debts and utility bills, but no one is bothered about insurance plans. Statistics show that insurance plans are less asked about. A huge part of the senior citizen’s group has no investments, and they survive on social security or other benefits. With Begus Insurance Group, an individual can confidently think about their final stage if not the current situation.

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