Bachelorette Party Ideas That Are Sure To Amaze

Bachelorette parties are a fun time for your group to celebrate, unwind and bond before the big day. These days, bachelorette parties are much more elaborate and extravagant than ever before, but keep in mind that you should always tailor the festivities to the bride. If you want to honor the bride and have a celebration that will make for lifelong memories, here are a few must-try activities.

Embrace Her Creative Side

If you are planning an evening for a creative bride or someone who just wants to kick back with low key activity, relaxation and some wine, bachelorette paint parties or pottery classes may be just the thing. Learn something new together and have a fun community-building experience over artistic adventures. If you are looking for something that harnesses her creative energy that is sure to make a memory, enjoy an activity where you walk away with a souvenir of your time.

Activate Her Active Side

If your bride is more of an active person, consider scheduling a  fitness class, ropes course or something to get her heart pumping. Help her stay fit and active while she is away in a new experience. Classes can range in adventure and intensity, but trying something new together like aerial yoga, a ropes course or paddleboarding could be a fun way to bring the whole group together for a fun time. Make sure you don’t choose something too dangerous, though, as you will want to get her to the wedding.

Get Away Together

If you are looking to go on an adventure, book an adventurous excursion. Getting away together to go glamping, sailing or on a road trip is the perfect path for memory making, laughs and bonding. The bride will appreciate the ability to step away from wedding planning and truly enjoy the getaway with her favorite friends.

Planning the ultimate bachelorette party is so much more than just barhopping these days. If you want to plan an experience that is something she will never forget, consider these great options that will leave her with fond memories for the rest of her life.