Ashley Metal Storage CupboardsHome Furniture

It’s an irony, how cupboards were first developed to display dishware, especially ‘cup’ and ‘saucer’ that were kept in drawers or multi-fitted tiers and now they are used for privately storing our most prized possessions. buyAshley home furniture like the Metal storage cupboards ensures the maximum security when it comes to safeguarding valuables like jewelry and cash because they are made up of heavy-duty welded steel and are coated with a paint of durable powder to prevent corrosion.

Making it extremely difficult to breakthrough, tamper, or destroy, these cupboards provide stiff competition to the robbers and burglars and are easily available in any furniture store or online home décor sites.


  • Dimensions: These cupboards are approximately 48 inches in width, 24 inches in depth, and 78 inches in height weighing 213lbs. The entire cupboard can hold up to 400lbs of stuff if they are evenly distributed. However, they can be assembled according to one’s purpose.
  • Spacious with cabinets: From one’s clothes to shoes, everything can comfortably sneak into these cupboards because they are extremely spacious, and different cabinets are made for different purposes, like – clothing, jewelry, and accessories, cash and important documents, bags, and shoes, etcetera.
  • Multiple Doors: The metal storage cupboards of IStopBedrooms have separate doors so that one cabinet doesn’t interfere with the other and is easily accessible. If one door opens to the clothing section then right beneath it the shoe cabinet is placed. There is also a ‘safe’ cabinet where jewelry and cash can be kept which usually has a drawer attached to it for keeping important documents. Bottom cabinets are used to store bags and miscellaneous accessories.
  • Reinforced doors: The doors are all reinforced to provide strength and quietness. This reinforcement prevents any unwanted screeching sound while one of the cabinet doors is unlocked or opened.
  • Three-point locking system: All the right handles of each respective cabinet has a three-point locking system for added security and the leaf hinges on top maintains proper alignment of the doors.
  • Biometric safe: The most important segment of these cupboards, is locked not only numerically, but also through biometric safeguard measures. Without the authentic fingerprint, it will be impossible to unlock the safe, and incorrect scanning of any fingerprint more than three times will lock it permanently.
  • Burn/Break-free: The safe, even if stolen as a whole cannot be burnt or broken down in any form with the help of any metal because it’s welded with high-quality
  • Non-corrosive/abrasive: The entire cupboard is painted with a powder that is durable and prevents abrasion or any other form of corrosion caused by oxidation or humidity/air pollutants.
  • Leveling glides: The base of the cupboards has two front leveling glides to compensate for uneven floors and for commuting it from one room to another.

Therefore, metal storage cupboards are consumer-friendly and multi-beneficial for any household or professional space. Its compact design, yet spacious interior helps in storing multiple things without cluttering any particular area or corner. It’s a one-time investment product that is going to serve a lifetime by keeping our assets secure and our lives hassle-free.