Are You Aware of Different Types of Carpet Stains that Affect the Floors?

Carpet stains is quite natural and is part of life. They will surely occur and when it does happen, it will be best to clean the stains as soon as possible. One of the best ways to make sure that your stain removal is successful for your carpet, you must know what type of stain it is and what was spilled on your carpet.

Even a professional carpet cleaner that you can identify from the website of FlooringDomain will first like to know before cleaning carpet stains, about the type of stain and how it can affect your carpet. This will help them to decide the right type of cleaner for that particular type of stain.

Let us discuss in this post a few different type of stains that most of the time we may come across while cleaning our carpets.

  • Fat or oil-based stains

Usually, this type of stain will be a little difficult to eliminate. Many carpet manufacturers are aware of that and hence add certain coating on their carpet. You have to use soap water to remove such stains.

  • Wax and gum

Wax and gum can always damage your carpet and lots of patience will be needed to remove such stains. You may use little ice to allow the wax to freeze and then you will have to scrap it out.

  • Pet stains

Pet stains are another very difficult stain. If it is already dried up then you need to find the right kind of solvent and also try to neutralize the odor by using vinegar. You may need help from a professional carpet cleaner if your effort does not bring a good result.

  • Water-soluble stains

This is perhaps the easiest type of stain that you can easily clean by using simple water which is the cheapest carpet cleaner. However, you will get better success if you try to clean it as soon as the stain gets on your carpet.

  • Petroleum-based stain

If your stains are petroleum-based like oil, ink, and grease then look for organic solvents, which are commonly referred to as dry solvent. These dry solvents can dissolve oil-based soils with careful agitation.

  • Protein stain

Often protein stain, like blood, feces, or even vomit can create stains on the carpet where any protein digesters or certain enzyme treatments can be useful for cleaning such stubborn marks. However, while using enzyme products you must follow manufacturer directions very carefully.

  • Synthetic stain

Synthetic stain, especially those stains created by red dyes present in sports drinks and Kool-Aid, will need a certain reducing agent. You must apply reducing agents by using a wet towel with a steam iron. This process will need careful attention so that it does not melt fibers or harm the carpet color.

Each type of stain can be a new battle, but you should not be afraid since now you have got plenty of ways to fight this unexpected type of stain. Try to use all these tricks to get rid of your home stains and try to maintain your carpet totally stain free.