Are vaginal tightening exercises effective?

As a woman, if you sometimes accidentally pee when you laugh or sneeze and feel that your sexual drive has reduced, and intercourse has become unappealing, you’re not the only one suffering from this issue. If you have recently undergone pregnancy and have had a baby, your pelvic floor muscles have likely been damaged. The pelvic floor muscles support the vagina, vaginal walls, bladder, and rectum. If the pelvic floor muscles become weak, it can leave you feeling like your body is just not the same, especially when it comes to your sex life.

A major event that makes vaginal muscles weak is childbirth. Repetitive and recurring trauma to the muscles due to the delivery of multiple children causes the muscles of the vagina to become lax, weak, and loose over time.

For some women, the vagina starts to regain shape in a couple of weeks or months after childbirth. But even then, the problem does not sort itself out fully, and several symptoms persist for quite a long time. On top of it, if vaginal looseness is not treated in time, the issue worsens as menopause approaches.

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Symptoms of Vaginal Looseness


Vagina looseness and laxity can be very frustrating and depressing for some women. There might be a feeling of reducing self-confidence and self-esteem. Some major effects and symptoms associated with vaginal looseness are listed below.

  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Painful intercourse
  • Vaginal dryness and itching
  • Unpleasurable sexual intercourse
  • Unsatisfying orgasms
  • Low self-esteem and self-confidence.

Causes of Vaginal Looseness


Several causative factors may become responsible for the laxity in the vagina. Pregnancy and childbirth have the most profound impact on the body in this respect. The vaginal wall and the pelvic floor is stretched at capacity during labor. The muscles expand so that your baby can be pushed through the birthing canal, and this, in many cases can result in a looser vagina.

Another prominent cause of vaginal looseness is menopause. Whatever be the cause, the lack of muscle strength in the pelvic floor and a loose vagina can have a deep impact on not only a woman’s relationship with her partner but also on her self-confidence and behavior. 

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In several cases, there is a feeling of anxiety and depression in women, as they feel they are no longer able to satisfy themselves and their partner sexually. This inspires a lack of confidence. If a couple has always enjoyed active sex life, this change can harm their relationship.

Thousands of women think that a decrease in sexual satisfaction for a few months is just a side effect that comes with childbirth, and a lot of women are way too embarrassed to explore the topic itself. This makes it even more difficult for them to find a solution to vagina looseness.

Treatment for Vaginal Looseness

The very first step towards curing the problem of vaginal looseness is talking about the problem. You should know that you’re not the only one affected by this issue and there is no need to suffer in silence. There are two ways by which vagina looseness can be cured.


  • Vaginal Tightening Exercises

Just like the other muscles in our body, the vaginal walls and the pelvic floor muscles also need to be exercised so that they can retain their tone and strength. Vaginal tightening exercises are one of the most popular exercises performed by women to regain a tight vagina. The exercises involve squeezing the muscles of the pelvic floor and lifting them upwards and inwards.

Some of the most effective vaginal tightening exercises are listed below.

  • Pull up Kegels
  • Pull in Kegels
  • Weight training
  • Leg lifts
  • Fast pull-ups
  • Kegel bridge
  • Kegel march

Sometimes, vaginal tightening exercises can be painful for the back and abdomen. This may be a sign that the exercises are not being performed correctly. You mustn’t overdo vaginal tightening exercises or their purpose won’t be fulfilled.

Are Vaginal Tightening Exercises effective?


Vaginal tightening exercises are recommended to women who suffer from mild symptoms and one looking to avoid surgery. These exercises have been known to be effective in treating vaginal looseness and laxity caused after pregnancy and childbirth and can help tone the muscles of the pelvic floor.

In some cases, it has been seen that vaginal tightening exercises can give pretty good results, but there is never a hundred percent success rate. The symptoms of vaginal looseness can be reduced but not eliminated with exercises alone. It is suggested several times by doctors that Laser Vaginal Tightening is the only definitive treatment for vaginal looseness.

One of the major downsides of vaginal tightening exercises is that it is never clear how long will the benefits last, and how long the exercises take to give good results. Some women may see improvements in four to five weeks, while other women would not see any benefits even after months of practicing vaginal tightening exercises.

Surgical Treatment for Vaginal Tightening: Laser Vaginal Tightening


Laser Vaginal Tightening is a surgical procedure that is performed on the muscles of the pelvic floor. This procedure aims to tighten the vagina and the pelvic floor muscles, which have become loose because of pregnancy, childbirth, or menopause.

Laser Vaginal treatment gives you significant changes and improvements in your vaginal area in very little time. The procedure reverses all the effects of vaginal looseness. Some notable benefits of Laser Vaginal Tightening are listed as follows.

  • A tight, youthful vagina
  • Curing urinary incontinence
  • Elimination of vaginal dryness and itching
  • Better orgasms and sexual drive



The effects and benefits of vaginal tightening exercises cannot be denied. They are effective to some extent where the symptoms are mild and trivial.  Vaginal tightening exercises can help women to strengthen up the muscles of the pelvic floor and the vaginal canal, but they will not help you get rid of vaginal looseness in totality.

Childbirth and pregnancy stretch the vaginal muscles to an extent that it is possible to tighten them up just like they were before only by the means of exercise.