Are Old Rolex Watches Worth Buying?

A thorough watch comparison is the most frequent method for arriving at an accurate price. To accurately compare what you have with other available instances, you must first be aware of precisely what you have. Nowadays, almost everything from the old Rolex women’s watches (นาฬิกา Rolex ผู้หญิง, which is the term in Thai) collection is still worthwhile to purchase as long as it still has all of the original components as they were when Rolex delivered them. The casing has not been overly polished. To be classified as a possible collectable, the original form of the glossy and matte finished case parts, the sharp edges, and the screw thread must be intact.

The collectability of an old Rolex quickly declines once parts have been switched out, even if they are later original Rolex parts. However, finding the right dial that has been altered by a global Rolex dealer during one of the several treatments to restore the waterproofness and durability of your Rolex is far more complex and expensive.

What Shall Be The Worth Of Rolex Watches Now?

It’s possible to predict that the cost of rare old Rolexes will increase during the coming years. Additionally, it can be believed that more common Sports Rolex models like the Refs. 1655, 1665, 1675, and 1680 will appreciate once they are free of maintenance components. Every 1950s Rolex model will be incredibly collectable, including the Precisions, Date just, Day Dates, and other models that aren’t necessarily sports watches like everyone else is focusing on. Every 1960s and 1970s model will eventually become incredibly collectable as the 50–60 year time range moves naturally.

Currently, choose the Rolex women watch people adore most, such as the shiny gilded Submariner or the Daytona, but soon, a quartz Ref 5100 will be just as collectable. The current generation of watch collectors assesses and introduces new tastes. For example, in the world of classic vehicle collecting, the future collectables in high demand are those depicted on the posters hanging above the beds of young lads who could now afford their dream cars. It would help if you spent primarily for the enjoyment you derive from it, whether in vintage timepieces or classic cars.


You can determine the value of your antique Rolex women watch if you are shrewd and carefully conduct your research. If you get a vintage Rolex because you genuinely appreciate it, you won’t ever lose money on it because the time you spend using it is the best possible investment.