All you need to know about Crypto Mining

Cryptocurrencies have received much popularity among the people. The rising popularity of digital currency has attracted many investors. With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency, a need for manufacturing new cryptocurrencies and to maintain a record of the existing ones became necessary. This is when crypto mining and crypto hosting came to existence.

What is Crypto Mining?

Crypto mining is the process of verifying transactions between users and adding them to the blockchain network. The Crypto mining process is also responsible for the manufacturing of new coins and currency. The process of crypto mining is not just a straight path with no pebbles. Instead, it is a curved way down the mountain.

What is the Process for Mining Cryptocurrency?

There is a set process in which mining for cryptocurrency happens. Whenever a transaction takes place, all the miners get notified about it. Cryptocurrencies combine mathematical calculations with computer science to build an almost unbreakable code. The job of the miner is to crack the code and add the transaction to the blockchain history.

The first step towards this is to hash the transaction from the source it was done. Before starting the entire process, the miners send themselves some cryptocurrency amount which is also known as coin base transaction. Through this coin base transaction, new coins set enrolled in the blockchain system. Once the hashing of the transaction takes place, miners engage themselves in finding a way out to crack the cryptocurrency code. The first one to do so is rewarded for his services.

Requirements to Be a Crypto Miner?

There is a great system involved in the process of crypto mining. You would need specialized and powerful computers, GPU, graphics cards, etc.

Individual miners struggle a lot to get success in the field of mining. People who do not have updated GPUs are turning to Application-specific Integrated Circuit or ASIC.


Crypto Mining is rising day by day. Many more people are showing a keen interest in the field due to its profitability. But, in the long run, it can serve as a hindrance too. Therefore, choose your way carefully.