Aircon Gas Top-up: Why You Need It (2021)

Every year, the beautiful city of Singapore becomes hotter and more humid. According to numerous reports and surveys, the sale of air conditioning units has increased dramatically over the last three to four years. In such dire circumstances, everyone must provide a more comfortable cooling experience for loved ones.

While the city’s air conditioning device sales are rapidly increasing, so are the city’s demands for experienced technicians. Aircon with intermittent cooling and other minor or major issues are ineffective in providing relief to people in these extreme conditions.

Knowing A Little Can Prevent Yourself From Getting Cheated

New companies are taking advantage of this and defrauding people by simply learning the basics of the profession. The work done by such unprofessional fraudsters does not last, and customers who choose these wrong technicians suffer losses later on and must spend large sums to rectify major issues.

As a result, for all types of air conditioning servicing, cleaning, maintenance, and aircon gas top-up, everyone should contact the right place that has the experience, a well-known brand, certification, and so on. When all of the major components are working properly and the gas supply is adequate, the air conditioning units always perform well. If your air conditioner isn’t working properly and the refrigerant level is low, you should consider a gas top-up. Consider when and why an air conditioning device requires a gas top-up service.

What can affect the level of refrigerant gas:

  • Leakage in drainage pipes and other major components of the device
  • Improper installation
  • Copper pipes used in the installation are not matching with the standards
  • Distance between indoor and outdoor units is greater than usual

In most cases, the major factor that affects refrigerant level is leakage but all the above-mentions factors can also cause problems and affect the efficiency of refrigerant. Every user must pay attention to the problem of leakage as it also causes health hazards and environmental balance.

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Refrigerant Levels?

Modern aircon devices are automatic and thus, newly upgraded devices are designed in a manner that automatically shows the signs of low refrigerant levels. Though due to negligence and other careless habits, there may be a mistake. Usually, gauges have been installed in aircon devices to indicate the coolant levels and reduced cooling efficiency can be referred to as the major indication of low refrigerant levels.

The quantity of aircon gas or liquid can be confirmed by checking the condenser pipes but this process is easy and convenient only for users which are familiar with aircon devices. Normally, clients are unable to follow these instructions and expert advice is needed in that case.

In most cases, if the refrigerant level is adequate, the evaporator’s inlet remains freezing cold, indicating that the refrigerant is completely efficient. If that is not found in the same condition, you should contact a technician to complete the air conditioning gas top-up job.

Major Signs Of Low Refrigerant Levels

Low cooling levels

The condensation cycle is the most common mechanism designed in all types of aircon devices. This mechanism is the major factor through which the surrounded heat is absorbed by a liquid compound in the aircon devices and is interchanged into the form of cooling air. When the efficiency of this mechanism becomes low or is interrupted due to several reasons, the quantity of coolant decreases.

Decreased efficiency of coolant

If the balancing of the heat does not work properly due to improper working of the condenser and evaporator, the major parts related to the mechanism get disturbed. Due to all these effects, the evaporator coils get blocked and an accumulation of ice or frost can be seen around that. All these signs are not good for proper cooling and refrigerant levels.

The aircon emits weird noises

Hissing or bubbling sound coming from the aircon device is not a good indication and is a sign of a low refrigerant level. The system takes too much load and is highly pressurized in such cases. Avoiding or ignoring such signs can cause damage to major components and hence, it is recommended to check the refrigerant levels in such conditions.

Unusually high electricity bills

A properly running aircon device with efficient refrigerant levels does not put heavy loads on energy consumptions. When these mechanisms get affected, the system uses extra energy to cool the surroundings and that is a major sign to get the aircon gas top-up immediately.

Sometimes the entire cooling fails to start due to the shortage of anti-freeze fluid in the device. This affects the entire effort of all the major components and the motor feels load and doesn’t get started. This is a clear indication that your system’s gas top-up is due as soon as possible.