Accessories for Your Wedding Day

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As your wedding day approaches, you should have some must-haves in place, whether that’s your dress, the venue, or, of course, your soon-to-be spouse. However, there are a few particular accessories you could all too easily forget until it’s too late. From your manicure musts to the sparkling wedding jewelry waiting to complement your new wedding ring, the right accessories can make your special day even more perfect, but only if you make a point to have them on hand.


Hopefully, you’ve thought to order your wedding bands well before you head to the chapel. However, have you put the same thought into the other pieces of jewelry? For instance, your “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” might be featured in your wedding jewelry and other accessories, whether that’s your grandmother’s pearls or a vintage sapphire bracelet. You might simply want to make sure your jewelry enhances your bridal look, or you may be incorporating traditional pieces in your jewels. In any case, the jewelry you wear on your wedding day are some of the most important gems and metals you’ll choose in a lifetime.


Whether you’re heading to a salon, enlisting a friend, or taking a distinctly DIY approach, make sure you’re planning out your makeup and other cosmetics well before your big day. Are you taking advantage of at-home gel nails for a simple yet stunning home mani? Or would you prefer to head to the nail salon for a regular manicure that helps highlight your engagement ring even before you say “I do?” The same is true of whatever makeup you choose to wear, or if you’d prefer to add no cosmetics at all. Whether you’re choosing gel polish or your natural nails with a clear topcoat, your selected cosmetics can make or break your wedding look.


Wedding dress? Check! Shoes? Check! Undergarments? Oops. It’s all too easy to overlook the lingerie or other details of your wedding day fashion until the last minute. However, these seemingly minor details can significantly impact the fit of your dress and your confidence and comfort alike. So from a slip that transforms the look of your dream dress to a lingerie set that’s sure to turn your new spouse’s head, be sure that your undergarments are getting the attention they deserve in the lead-up to your wedding day.

Hair & Headpieces

If you’ve decided to wear a veil with your wedding look, you probably bought it at the same time or near to when you bought your gown. If not, how much thought have you given to what adornments or style you’ll utilize for your hair when it comes time to walk down the aisle? Whether you’re planning on a flower crown, sparkling jewels, or an understatedly beautiful style, be sure to think through any hair or head accessories with the same enthusiasm you use for your dress, shoes, and other wedding day necessities.

Since you first got engaged, or even long before, you’ve probably thought about your wedding day and what you’d be wearing to the tune of “Here Comes the Bride.” It’s less likely, though, that that ideal image included the less central accessories you’ll need to make the most of your special day. From the necklaces, earrings, or other pieces accompanying your wedding rings to the undergarments creating the perfect canvas for your perfect dress, every detail of your wedding day look plays a part in how you’ll look and feel on the big day. Whether you’re comparing a manicurist to your at-home gel polish or you’re deciding what will keep your veil steady over an elegant updo, be sure to give as much thought to your wedding accessories as you would any other important detail of your upcoming wedding day.