A Wonderful Night at An Oakland Theater

A visit to the theater offers everyone a night to eat a great meal and solve a new murder mystery. The theatres host live events up to three times a month, and the patrons can enjoy a terrific night out. The dinner theater is a better alternative to traditional venues, and the stories are always different with each visit.

Setting Up Reservations for Your Visit

To plan an evening to attend The Dinner Detective theater, patrons must purchase their tickets through the website. They do not have to set up a user account or store information on the website, but they can get tickets easily. Guests can review the current shows up to eight weeks before the performances.

They will select the murder mystery that interests them and choose the total number of tickets they want for the evening. They add the tickets to their cart, and they will complete the checkout process in minutes. It is recommended that they print out their confirmation page for their reservations.

Plan a Private Party for the Evening

The theater offers private parties for evenings when the theater isn’t hosting a performance already. Patrons can set up their private party according to the murder mystery of their choice. They can add details to their reservation after submitting a request for a private party. The theater will contact them to set up the party and get information about the meal the patrons prefer. It’s a great idea for birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions.

Murder and Mayhem

The storylines are not based on old-world stories, and the patrons will not have to sit through yet another performance of a Sherlock Holmes-style mystery. All stories are based in modern times, and all characters are dressed in current fashions. Patrons who find murder documentaries and stories of serial killers intriguing will enjoy their evening of murder and mayhem at the local dinner theater.

Get Involved in the Storyline

While participation isn’t required, guests have the option to get involved in the story and solve the mystery. Anyone in the room could be the killer, and this includes the guests who have chosen to participate. The element makes the story more interesting and unexpected. The patrons will have an action-packed evening when attending the dinner theater.

Hidden Characters in the Crowd

Some characters within the story are hidden in the audience, and they are not dressed like the other cast members. This provides an element of surprise, and the guests won’t know who in the crowd is a part of the story. Clues are revealed slowly to give the diners a chance to solve the mystery. No one knows when the clues will be provided or when the crime may be committed.

A dinner theater experience is an extraordinary opportunity for area residents and visitors, and it offers a wonderful night of terrific foods and a unique murder mystery. All guests have the option to participate in the murder mystery and solve the case. Patrons can learn more about booking their tickets by visiting the website now.