A Guide to Buying Baby Clothing for First Time Moms

Now that your kid’s due date is approaching, it’s time to dust off your list of baby necessities and head to the store (or computer). But before you go all out on nice-to-haves, make sure you have all you require. Make sure you learn the inside scoop on some infant must-haves and how to make the most of them before you buy or receive things you won’t need or can’t utilize. These purchasing suggestions can help you save money (and a few trips to the dreaded return counter with your new little bundle in tow). You can buy clothes from baby clothes vendors.

Do some research:

Read up on products before you buy to get the suitable model for you when it comes to purchasing devices with a lot of bells and whistles and price tags to match (think baby monitors). Are you undecided about whether you should wait for the high-tech model or accept the low-tech model? In addition to comparison shopping, go out to your new mom (and dad) network and ask them for their thoughts on their favorite products (no information is more valuable than that from a parent who has been there).

Refrain from falling to the attraction of infant clothing.

Can’t you stop yourself from buying those fantastic khakis for your kid? If you get the six-month size instead of the three-month size, you’ll get more use out of them. (Just double-check that it’ll be appropriate for the season.) Many babies outgrow their six-month clothing before they turn six months old. While too-large clothing can be pushed up to suit your little fashionista (and then rolled down again a few months later), too-tight clothing equals a cranky baby. Visit Wholesale Baby onesies.

Buy easy to wear clothes:

Your child isn’t asking for designer clothes just yet, which is a good thing because when it comes to those adorable outfits, less is more (especially during those first few fumble-fingered months of parenthood). Instead, look for a snap or zip-up one-piece ensembles. When you’re sleep-deprived or in a hurry, those zippers will definitely save you (or your partner) the aggravation of lining up all those little snaps. And don’t buy too many onesies; you’ll probably get plenty at your baby shower.

Don’t forget a stroller:

For now, a lightweight, universal stroller frame that allows you to snap in your own infant car seat may be the finest (and cheapest) option for those early journeys with the baby (and the next few months). This allows you to stroll in the neighborhood and look at the different stroller options (or the mall). Perhaps you’ll use a jogging stroller for park runs and a compact umbrella stroller for errand errands. If you’re a city mom (or dad), a lightweight stroller with plenty of storage space below will suffice.


Register for anything you believe you’ll need during your baby’s first year when you’re building your shopping list. But don’t go out and buy a high chair, activity center, or baby-proofing gear just before your due date if you didn’t get them as baby shower gifts. For a few more months, your baby won’t actually need (or use) them, so you can acquire them (and other older-baby stuff) as you go.