A Guide on the Best Packaging Services that Will Help You Brand Building 

product packaging holyoke ma is more than just aesthetics. It’s about building a trust relation with your customers with a guarantee that you’re supplying them with the best quality products. Wondering how that happens? Well that’s because when your goods are packaged in a certain way – they are packaged in moisture proof and UV proof cartons, they are shipped in tear resistant and shock resistant boxes, they have all the relevant information about the product clearly mention on the label, and they are inscribed with high-quality inks in metallic colours that reflect light and enhance readability – customers are able to identify them as high-quality products And customers don’t mind paying for quality being served in return. That said, packaging is a lengthy procedure that has many services to offer. Some such extraordinary services by premium printers like Netpak are listed below. Have a look!

  1. Pre-press Services

These are the essential services that are provided by Netpak before your goods are packaged. These are mostly structural designs and other detailing on paper in order to make sure that the final packages like the Netpak folding cartons are flawless. Other solutions provided under pre-press services include the following.

  • Graphics design
  • Artwork
  • Offset lithography
  • Colour management 
  • Colour mock-ups
  • Plates and die lines
  • Blank prototypes 
  • High resolution proofs
  1. Enhanced Printing Services

Printing comes next. Once you find the design to be done on the package perfect in all aspects, you need options to choose between printing methods, kinds of inks, the texture and finish of the package, and so on. Some of the best options for all such requirements are listed below.

  • The Hot Stamping Technique 
  • Metallic ink 
  • Glossy UV coating on the paperboard being used for packaging 
  • Texture effect varnish
  • Lamination and Embossing
  • Interactive printing to engage customers 
  1. Finishing Services

Next to printing services are the finishing services to ensure that the boxes and cartons are properly folded and glued and have neat edges. Some other finishing services apart from folding and gluing are listed below.

  • Die cutting
  • Stripping and cutting
  • Cellophane Window Patch 
  1. Co-packing and Warehousing Services

These are the optional services provided by giants like Netpak to make things easier for you once your goods are properly packed and ready to be shipped. A few such services other than warehousing and co-packing include the following.

  • Logistics management 
  • Distribution 
  • Customer services 

All in all, the above listed 4 packaging services are the best ways to ensure that your customers are supplied with excellent products that they would want to buy again and again.