A Complete Guide to Healthcare Background Checks

Did you know that 1 in 3 Americans have a criminal record?

The foundation of the medical industry is trust. Health care providers have patients’ most sensitive personal information. That is why background checks are essential for any healthcare organization.

Below is a comprehensive guide to conducting healthcare background checks.

Why Are Healthcare Background Checks Important?

Healthcare background checks are crucial. They aim to protect patients, the healthcare industry, and the healthcare provider.

They are mainly important to protect patients from potential abuse and neglect.

Picture a physician with a history of sexual misconduct or physical assault. The problem is that there is no way to know if that person will repeat their behavior in the future. It is up to you as an employer to do everything you can to prevent this from happening.

What Is Included in a Healthcare Industry Background Check?

A good healthcare background check will include a deep dive into a person’s past. It includes the following:

National Criminal Background Check

Checking a prospective employee’s criminal record can yield vital information. This includes any convictions, arrests, or pending charges against the person. It also covers any information that could disqualify a candidate from employment.

Imagine a billing assistant with a history of theft, or a pharmacy driver with a DUI. Would you want to hire a bookkeeper convicted of fraud? These past incidents might spell trouble for you and your organization.

Identity Verification

What good do medical background checks do if you’re investigating the wrong person? A thorough healthcare background check is one that verifies any potential employee’s identity. You’ll be able to make sure you’re looking at the records for the person who applied.

Drug Screening

More than 100,000 health professionals struggle with substance abuse or addiction. As physicians have access to powerful prescription drugs, drug screening is necessary.

A medical doctor background check helps you figure out if the applicant you’re interviewing has a history of substance abuse. This might save your practice unimaginable losses and lawsuits.

Past Employment History

People tend to polish up their resumes to have a competitive edge over the competition. You shouldn’t assume that it’s beyond potential employees to make up employment history.

Verifying a candidate’s employment history is a fantastic way to confirm their qualifications.

Who Conducts Background Checks?

There are many companies that have specialized in healthcare background checks. They range from human resource firms and online data brokers to private investigators. Seeing how important background checks are, many firms have set up subsidiaries or affiliates for this sole purpose.

Also, specialized software like MedPro Systems® can perform in-house services.

Leave Nothing to Chance With Healthcare Background Checks

Take the guesswork out of the hiring process from now on. With this detailed guide on everything to do with healthcare background checks, you’re sure to hire only the best candidates.

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