9 Most Beautiful Beaches in Bali

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When dreaming about Bali, its unforgettable shores and chilled out beach bars will surely come into mind! Back in Baliyour, day’s itinerary entails a great deal of lying ocean, soaking up the Balinese beams for that excess glow and obviously a cold beverage within arms reach. If you are all set to be the prime topic of some severe insta-envy and to spark a little bit of I-want-to-be-there-with-you along with your pals, continue reading if you want to find the 9 BEST BEACHES IN BALI.

1. Bingin Beach, Bingin

In a listing of the greatest beaches in Bali’s Bukit peninsula, Bingin Beach cannot be missing! This gorgeous beach in Bali is an oasis of glistening blue seas coupled with white sand that gives the ideal background for a weekend escape for fashionable expats and locals alike. Unwind from your hectic daily life when sipping a tasty dragonfruit smoothie or fruit bowl out of Kelly’s Warung.

2. Thomas Beach, Uluwatu

Situated between Bingin and Padang Padang, this lovely Bali shore is just another hidden jewel Bali’s south west peninsula has to offer you. Better skip your exercise the day before — down the steps into glistening blue waters and white sand are almost as infinite as they look. Lucky you can stop every couple of metres from boiling at the opinion and choose the most scenic photographs from over!

3. Karma Beach, Uluwatu

You have certainly come across these pictures where the sea looks like balayage colors of azure, almost too good to be true! Welcome to Karma Kandara shore, palms down among the most fabulous beaches in Bali! Catch a snack and a drink in the exclusive Karma Beach Club while intermittently taking a well deserved dip to the clear Indonesian waters. Indulge in tasty Mediterranean cuisine or see a film. Do not neglect to take some amazing shots in the very best rated before choosing the funicular down into among the greatest beaches in Bali!

4. Green Bowl Beach, Uluwatu

Located nearby Ungasan, following a steep 250 measures at 75 metres, you’ll be rewarded with this particular wrought iron strip of sand framed by two big limestone caves. Called the color of the seas surrounding the shore and the emerald colors which glisten the algae-covered rocks in the atmosphere, Green Bowl is the best spot to have an intimate beach day on one of the greatest beaches in Bali. Keep a look out for bats in the temples and maintain your possessions together — you could encounter cheeky monkeys!

5. Balangan Beach, Balangan

Lined by scenic palm trees (obviously a winner!) that shout ‘island living,’ this white sand beach in Bali has lots of space for long walks along with your fan. Recharge by catching a snack from the many warungs (traditional food stalls — we would highly suggest Nasi Goreng), scattering the shore, and remaining hydrated with a new coconut following a glowing laze at the Balinese sunshine on a few of the greatest beaches in Bali.

6. Double Six Beach, Seminyak

Situated in Luxurious Seminyak, Double Six shore is the best place to discover that beachfront pub to soak up a pond, using a cold Bintang in your mind to signify about the day which has been. For a diverse and lively décor, take a look at the renowned La Plancha situated at one of the very best shore spots in Seminyak. Sit back beneath the multicolored umbrellas and sandbags while booting the live acoustic sesh. Kick into the night with a live DJ every Friday.

7. Blue Point Beach, Uluwatu

Inspired by the most scenic coral shore, Sultan (also known as Blue Point shore) has that accidentally-stumbled-across-hidden-beach texture using its smaller dimensions. Walk down a set of stairs and wooden tops throughout the seas and in the sun kiss the sand. Look out to the gorgeous blue water, or even go researching the small encompassing caves.

8. Padang Padang Beach, Uluwatu

Also known among locals as ‘Pantai Labuan Sait,’ this lovely Bali shore is so great they named it twice (which means you do not forget)! You may recognize this tiny lagoon from the shore in Bali out of Julia Roberts Eat Pray Love. For those seeking to catch a few waves, Padang Padang shore is a world renowned surfing area and home to the Ripcurl Guru Padang Cup for those seeking to catch a few waves. Rent a surfboard of your favorite dimensions and spend a day outside bobbing up and down from the trendy Indian Ocean!

9. Sundays Beach Club, Uluwatu

Inside rock’s throw of this luxe Ungasan Clifftop Resort, funicular down to one of Bali’s most exclusive beach front bars. It illustrates all of the things we love on a Sunday (which means it is possible to anticipate uber chill vibes). Have a dip in the pristine waters, then stroll out of the water into a daybed and then sip your yummy cocktail into a tropical beachside song. Repeat all day long. Stick around until late to get a bonfire to wind off your evening on one of Bali’s finest beaches.

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