8 Van Life Ideas for Building the Perfect Van


Van life and mobile freedom have been taking off in recent years. What was once a sleeper community within the online marketplaces has transformed into a mainstream movement supported by publications.

Those looking to join the van lifers and adventurists had a problem though: they didn’t know how to build a van. Are you part of that group? Well, that’s easy to sort out. In this guide, that’s exactly what we’re going to cover.

So sit back and relax. Here are van life ideas and tips to get you started as a budding van lifer.

  1. Picking the Right Van

Important factors to consider are the van’s roof height, wheelbase for maneuverability, and payload capacity for hauling gear. As well, decide on how you want to set up your van home as this will impact what type of van is right for you.

For example, if you’re particularly looking for a Winnebago van for sale, ask an expert how this van melds with your planned layout.

  1. Defining Your Budget

Once you have a van, defining your budget for building your van home becomes the first smart thing to do.

Factor in gas, maintenance, repairs, insurance, and the amenities you plan to have. By having a clear budget from the start, you can avoid overspending your money.

  1. Outfitting Your Van

There are so many things to think of when outfitting your van. For example, where do your bed, kitchen, and living area go? What amenities do you want? What appliances and where do you put them?

Make a list of your van build ideas so you don’t neglect anything.

  1. Planning Your Toilet

You can get one of those chemical toilets that you can empty at a motorhome service point, but this isn’t very nice for the environment. Composting your toilet is slightly expensive but also more eco-friendly.

  1. Making the Most of Small Spaces

Multipurpose furniture is the way to go when maximizing a van’s small spaces. For example, a futon can be your couch during the day and bed at night.

Be efficient in your use of storage spaces too. Very importantly, declutter the van so you can maximize your use of every square inch available.

  1. Lighting and Ventilation 

Getting enough sunlight is necessary for your mental health, so make sure your van allows that. Ventilation is another important feature that you should have in your camper van interior. Make sure you have a dedicated roof vent fan for this.

  1. Insulation for Year-Round Comfort

Aside from common ventilation, you’d like to insulate your van to make it comfortable, regardless of the weather condition.

You will usually have two options for this – spray foam and fiberglass. Spray foam is more expensive but it’s usually worth the price difference.

  1. Safety and Security Features 

Make sure you have a fire extinguisher and first-aid kid on board. Also, install a security system and teach everyone in the household how to use it. Locks, an alarm system, and CCTVs some of the most valuable safety equipment you’ll need.

All the Van Life Ideas for Your Van Home  

This article explored different van life ideas and tips for building your camper home. It’s going to take an adjustment on your part, but if you’re sure that you want to live life on the road, why not?

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