8 Best Things to Do In Batam Indonesia

Batam continues to be famous for brief escapades from neighbouring nations like Singapore and Malaysia. This island is just one of the busiest ports in Indonesia since the entry gate of tourism in Indonesia. Here are the very best things to do Batam special for you!

  1. Sea Forest Adventure

Sea Forest Adventure isn’t only another household leisure and edutainment playground. It focuses on nature, outdoor pursuits and survival style. Its prime location one of three nations (Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia) has earned its place among the globally – recognized attractions within this area. The attractions such as Land Adventure, Sea Adventure, and even biking.

  1. Cable Ski at Marina Waterfront

Located in Waterfront City Resort, Cable-Ski Park is your very initial cable-ski park in Asia. Appreciate the adrenalin pumping of wire skiing or wakeboarding in two artificial lakes acceptable for beginners and beginners.

  1. Vihara Duta Maitreya

While spending your holiday in Batam, keep calm and see Vihara Duta Maitreya. This Buddhist temple covered 4 hectares and consisted of a 3-story building. This massive temple could accommodate approximately 5000-6000 individuals. People around the globe visit here, citing it as one of the most significant and beautiful temples in Southeast Asia.

  1. Nagoya Hill Shopping Theater

Love your day by purchasing at the largest mall in Batam, Nagoya Hill. This vast region of shopping has complete retail products, and its cost is reasonable. The name itself is taken after the area at Batam, Nagoya (which can be called Lubuk Baja) and its place in hilly locations.

  1. Stilt Houses

Old cities in Batam is definitely worth your trip throughout your stay in Batam. You’ll locate a fishing village with stilt home full of local culture and architecture within Tanjung Uma.

  1. Spa and Massage

The middle of Batam is sprinkled with lots of massages and spa. Following a full day of travel, nothing beats a relaxing massage and health spa using cheap cost, and it is possible to discover throughout the city. Another notable place to see at Penyengat Island, the centre of the island would be Masjid Kuning (Yellow Mosque). This mosque stands one of palm trees such as a castle and maintaining paintings of maintained and illustrated Quran of over 150 years of age.

  1. Abang Island

Abang Island is the most suitable spot to snorkelling and scuba diving in Batam. The underwater world of Abang island contains beautiful coral reefs and colourful fishes. Hold your breath to find the stunning view of turquoise and crystal water.

  1. Ranoh Island

The island is also close to Pulau Abang (Abang Island) — a famous place for snorkellers since it uncovers a magical underwater world. The whole journey from Singapore into Ranoh Island will take you approximately 4 hours (including all of ferry and boat transfers as well as customs in Batam).

You will find a lot of activities at Ranoh Island so that is the reason why we’d advise that you to remain overnight as opposed to drop by for just a day trip. Besides snorkelling, you will also get access to other water-activities like kayaking and banana boat as well as their fascinating giant waterpark that sits smack-bang in the sea!

Get ready for the year’s end festival, Batam International Culture Carnival. This festival held every year prior to the commemoration of Batam City. This international festival will include cultural costume performances by archipelago and foreign artists. They supply space for groups and art activists to present the very best, particularly in Malay Culture. Therefore, don’t miss this festival! We not only encourage you to love Batam International Cultural Carnival but also delight in the pure beauty of Ranoh Island.

Ranoh Island is a gorgeous island that is still at the category of Abang Island, Batam. This island features a shady beach that juts into the sea and creates a small peninsula to the sea with clean and calm seawater. This island will spoil your own eyes. Palm trees also develop a great deal in the coastal plain, quite suitable for playing hammocks and camping, and above all clean beaches are fantastic for family holiday places.

Ready to start your getaway to Batam? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!