5 Ways You can Maintain Your Air-conditioner

During summertime, air conditioners are the life savior, right? Air-conditioning is one of the significant investments that you make for your home to have a relaxed lifestyle. They serve you, and in return, they expect some regular interval maintenance for better working and functioning. This gives rise to the efforts you need to apply to maintain a healthy condition for your air-conditioner.

Sometimes maintaining your air-conditioner can be a tiring job, to make it simpler for you we have come up with five ways to help you maintain your air-conditioner which will eventually increase its life. Follow these below-mentioned tips and make your Air-conditioner run smoothly.

5 Tips to Maintain your air-conditioner

  • Replace your air filter regularly

The only thing you can do to keep your air conditioner in good shape is to change the air filter regularly. Fortunately, it’s also one of the fastest helpful tips that take a few minutes to complete.

An air filter prevents pollutants such as dander, dirt, and dust from entering your home’s spaces, but it can only do so if it’s clean and free of particulate matter. When air filters get too dirty to operate properly, they not only put unnecessary strain on your air conditioner but also compromise the quality of the air in your home. So make sure you change the air filter of your air-conditioner are regular intervals.

  • Increase life by keeping coils clean

Air conditioning coils are a crucial part of your air conditioning system that helps refrigerants absorb heat and cool your house. If these coils are not cleaned up regularly, then dirt might start accumulating on the coil surface over time, reducing the amount of heat they can absorb.

As a result, your air conditioner will have a load on it, and it will need to work harder to give the required cooling effect. This brings cleaning of coils in the light, avoiding putting excessive pressure on your air conditioner. You can do this in several ways, but we suggest clearing the area around the condenser unit (the outdoor component) of any debris first.

  • Inspect the Fins quality

A condenser and an evaporator, both of which have fins and are the primary component of any air conditioning system. When you start using an air conditioner, then after regular usage, these fins can bend over time, resulting in inadequate airflow.

You need to regularly check your air conditioner’s fins to make sure they haven’t bent and are still working properly. If you notice your fins are bending, you can use a fin comb to fix the problem or hire an experienced electrician in Adelaide.

  • Examine the Condensate Drainage System

The condensate drain is an essential component of any air conditioning system because it allows condensation to drain outside. The condensate drain can become clogged over time, causing drainage problems.

It would help if you checked the condensate drainage system whether water is drained out regularly to keep the air conditioner in good working order. If it isn’t, unclog the obstruction or contact the local air conditioning company.

  • Hiring a profession

You don’t want to have to think about running your air conditioning system while you’re busy working, caring for your family, and other everyday duties. We know you’re busy, which is why you can get some professionals who can solve the problem of maintaining the air conditioner.


Healthy maintenance for your air conditioner can make it perform for a performance period without reducing the performance quality. If you need any technical help, then feel free to connect with the electrician Adelaide nearby.