5 Ways to Grow Your Charitable Reach with Social Media

We have all heard of popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc haven’t we? Well, you can take the help of social media platforms to grow your non-profit organization. Social media is an extremely powerful tool by which you can reach your target audience and also spread your brand message. You will get to share your compelling stories with your audience and let them know about your good work. This can be a great way of making your charity popular in a very few days. 

Building an online presence will not only allow your organization to raise awareness, it will also help you to grow your community and acquire more funding. However, in order to do so, you will have to know how exactly you are going to market yourself efficiently on social media platforms. Charitable organizations like WE Charity are already doing an excellent job on their social media outreach to increase awareness about their cause. You can have a glimpse at the type of work they do in this video.

So, here we are with you 5 creative ways by which you can create an excellent online presence for your charity on social media platforms.

1 Include photographs and videos of various events in your social media profile: Social media is an excellent way of spreading brand awareness. You can take the help of photographs and videos to make sure that your brand message reaches your target audience. You can include photographs of the good works that you do on your platform. You can even include short videos in your social media platform. This will help you to attract the attention of the masses. People will start to respect you for your good work. They will also feel encouraged to become a part of your organization. Very soon, you will start getting a lot of volunteers. You will also be able to receive a lot of donations because of your social media profile.

2 Include social sharing into your donation process: You can include and integrate the social sharing option in your donation process as well. This will allow your social media followers to share your post easily. Charity owners will also be able to show off their contribution towards your organization. In this way, by taking the help of social sharing, you can spread the words about your cause. You can include different types of social sharing buttons on your profile. This will make it easier for your donors to market for you. You can also go through top charity blogs to know how exactly charities use social media to spread their cause.

3 Offer merchandise to your followers: No matter what platform you are using, you must make it a point to increase your user engagement. Supporter engagement will allow you to spread your name on the internet. You can encourage your followers to interact with you and share your posts on a regular basis. You can increase engagement by gifting branded merchandise to your dedicated followers. You can also run different types of contests and offer prices to your engaged followers. These small incentives will increase the user engagement and will also broaden your audience.

4 Include social media in your fundraising events: Fundraising events like marathons,car washes, etc. are a fantastic way to raise money. It will also help you to create a strong online presence on various social media platforms.  You can market your fundraising events on popular social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can post pictures and videos of your fundraising events on your social media platform. You can also tag your supporters in your post. In this way, you can create engagement opportunities for your supporters.

5 Increase social media engagement during the giving times: Some months of the year are more appropriate for giving  donations than others. You should try to amplify your social media engagement during those specific times of the year. This will not only boost your social media followers but will also make you popular in the eyes of the supporters.

So, these are some of the most popular ways by which you can grow your charity reach using social media. There are various other social media charity tips as well as seen here that will help you to spread your brand message and acquire a lot of followers.