5 Ways to Decorate a Flower Pot

Who doesn’t love flowers?! Every season is flower season! Do you want to bring some freshness into your home? Then get a couple of potted plants to complete your space. Besides improving the quality of air, plants also create aesthetically pleasing interiors and exteriors! Are plants enough to express your individuality and originality?

Often, the answer is no. Many plants come in boring flower pots that don’t add beauty and value to your home. It’s time to express your creativity through DIY projects that will brighten your space. Are you ready to add a personal touch to the commercial pots? Then follow these 5 ways that can help you express your individuality through the decoration of flower pots!

1. Paint

Even though this may seem like an obvious idea, painting your flower pots can get your creative juices flowing! There are numerous ways in which you can use paint to create art on simple clay pots. One of the most common ones is to paint the entire pots in different colours. Red, yellow, blue, etc, whatever colour matches your mood and space the most.

On the other hand, dip your pots in the white paint to create a modern yet chic look every home needs.  The beautiful contrast between green plants, white and terracotta pots is a dream come true!

Similarly, you can dye your pots’ bottoms with a gorgeous golden paint that will accent the plant and give a special charm to your space. It creates a luxurious, yet simple effect you’ll adore.

2. Mosaic

Is being crafty and arty your passion? Decorate your flower pots with mosaic to display your artistic personality. Even though mosaic may seem like a difficult technique, it’s actually quite simple!

Whether you decide to use glass, stones, ceramics or something else for your mosaic masterpiece, make sure to use adequate glue. Match the shapes of pieces you’re using and create art like no other.

Mosaic pots can match absolutely any style of home, from rustic to modern. Once you get a hold of the skill, nobody will be able to tell the difference between your handcrafted and store-bought pot!

3. Decoupage

A well-known decoupage technique can transform your old plant pot into a completely new one! All you need is some time, patience and a couple of napkins with gorgeous prints that will look terrific on your pots, and you’re ready to decoupage your pots!

A decoupage technique for your flower pots will not only transform the way your old pot looks, but it will provide you with a new dimension when it comes to texture! Decoupage may result in a wide range of different outcomes, depending on the quality and the style of the napkins you choose.

Even though pots done in decoupage technique look marvellous, you need to take proper care of them. Don’t expose them to direct rain or sunlight, otherwise, all your hard effort goes to waste.

4. Chalkboard pots

Did you know that many Aussies love getting flowers? Is there a better way to show appreciation than by giving flowers to your loved ones? It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, you need to show your love and appreciation. So, tell them how much they mean to you by creating a custom chalkboard pot.

Chalkboard accents on your pots are fantastic for memos and little messages. Simply, write a thank you note, and add gorgeous flowers from Adelaide to the pot. It’s a perfect gift for every occasion. Also, depending on the size of your flower pot, you can add larger or smaller pieces of chalkboard, or create different shapes!

On top of that, you can always wipe off the chalk and write something else on your pot. Beautiful and practical at the same time!

5. Luxurious looking

Do you want to create a luxurious looking flower pot without spending a fortune? Gold is always a fantastic choice! Combining golden details, such as letters or glitter with classic and neutral colours- black, white and grey, will result in gorgeous, sassy flowerpots that enhance style.

Pots like these are perfect for highquality and luxurious flowers, such as roses. They display your personality and make a fantastic gift. Also, using glitter in any colour can change the entire appearance of your pot!

If you’re not a fan of glitter, but still want a luxurious looking pot, opt for the gems. Glue gems of different colours and shapes to your pot to create unique and fantastic art. It adds texture and shine to the boring old pots, which increases the aesthetical value of your plants!


There are numerous ways in which you can decorate and transform old pots into a completely new ones. Provide them with a new shine by using these magnificent and original ideas. You don’t need to be an artist to create an aesthetically pleasing flower pot everyone will adore!

Jack Kewell is writer, science editor, naturalist, entrepreneur. He is focused on writing and illustrating books. Also, he is a regular contributor on mountaintechblog