5 Ways an Effective Leader Can Improve Team Productivity

Employees in a firm come from different countries and have a different perspective. It is an inherent task of the leader to manage them effectively and get the best out of them. It does not matter there are five members or 50 members in a team. But the productivity of each of them matters the most. Each must of them should give their level best and contribute to the bottom line for success.

There are different ways a leader can improve team productivity, but some of them are highlighted below:-


Everyone is not good at everything. Each member is excellent in their interest field. Being a leader, you must identify which member is best at what works and accordingly allocate the work. This will not only complete the work on time but will also bring the best out of them. They will perform it with their full heart.

Improve skills:

Employees must be updated with the latest technologies and skills. The leader must look that each member possesses the required skill for the given task; if it’s not so, the member should be trained. The knowledge of advanced technologies will also lead to improving productivity by the member.


The basic thing on which everything depends is communication. It is a two-way process—the amount of attention you want from your members, the same they want from you. You must listen to their ideas, thought processes, and recommendations for better communication. This will automatically lead to better productivity.

Richard Warke, Chairman and founder of Arizona Mining is a perfect example of a leader that maintains and promotes communication. Richard Warke Net Worth is proof of his skills as a leader and the way he promotes communication for enhancing successful team performance.

Work environment:

Being a leader, you must see that a healthy work environment prevails in the office. If members are happy among themselves, they will be readily available to help each other and make the work complete faster and with great efficiency. This will enable them to share their problem with their co-member freely and will decrease their mental stress.


Give due honor to members for their good work. Offer incentives to boost their morale. This not only encourages their productivity but also gives them a feeling of appreciation. When people are given due preference, they tend to give more than 100%. It can be in the form of increased salary, bonuses, additional vacation, upgrade their post, and announce their success publicly, and so on. This will bring positivity in the workplace and encourage other members as well.

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