5 Tourist Attractions in Mount Kijang You Can’t Miss

Indonesia is a tourist place. One of the areas in Indonesia that has a must-visit tourist spot is Mount Kijang, Bintan Regency.

Gunung Kijang is one of the sub-districts in Bintan Regency, Riau Islands Province. Although the name is not very famous, Mount Kijang has a tourist spot that cannot be underestimated. Well, here are some tourist attractions in Mount Kijang, Bintan Regency that you must visit.

  1. Trikora Beach Bintan

The most famous tourist spot on Mount Kijang in the Riau Islands Province is Trikora Beach. If you want to see the natural charm of this beach, you have to travel about 45 km from the center of Tanjung Pinang City. The exact location is in Malang Meeting Village, Gunung Kijang District, Bintan Regency.

You will see lots of collections of granite rocks which are indeed very beautiful. Its characteristics make it similar to the beaches in Belitung. Not only that, Trikora Beach has clean white sand with clear water.

Along the very long line of Trikora Beach, you can find huts of various sizes. Usually, the huts will be rented out to tourists who want to take shelter and relax, enjoying the air and charm of this beach.

  1. Beralas Pasir Island

This tourist spot on Mount Kijang is also known as White Sand Island. This island is small and uninhabited.

The charm is wonderful, with many beautiful spots for snorkeling and diving activities. Although uninhabited, this island looks very well maintained, and its authenticity is maintained. Even the atmosphere is still very thick with tropical island nuances.

This sand-bed island is located right in the Teluk Bakau area, Gunung Kijang, Bintan Regency. You don’t need to pay to enter the island, but you need to use travel services to enjoy the island like a private island.

  1. Kawal Blue Lake

Blue Lake Kawal is one of the tourist attractions on Mount Kijang that must be visited. The lake formed due to mining has bluish water and provides a very refreshing view with its exoticism.

The charm of Blue Kawal Lake is increasingly visible due to the lush trees lining the edges. Your vacation will be very meaningful when visiting this place as one of your favorite places to enjoy the cool breeze.

Although it is highly recommended not to swim in this lake, you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery it has. So, you will not feel in vain when you come to Blue Kawal Lake.

  1. Bintan Maritime Museum

One of the educational tourist attractions in Mount Kijang is the Maritime Museum. As the name implies, this museum presents several collections of marine fishing gear used by the community in the past, such as nets, trawls, bento, and others.

There are also antique objects such as broken plates that are historical relics from the Ming Dynasty in the past Chinese empire. Not only the equipment used when catching fish and antiques, but at the Maritime Museum, you can also find various kinds of preserved marine animals, such as jellyfish, seahorses, fish, and so on.

The only museum in Bintan has interesting architecture, which is shaped like a large ship. Well, you can visit it on Jalan Pantai Trikora Kilometer 36, Teluk Bakau Village, Bintan Regency, Riau Islands.

  1. Aroma River Spa

This is a pretty interesting tourist spot. After being tired of activities around Mount Kijang, you need to pamper and relax your body. One of them has a spa.

But, this one spa is different. You can feel the relaxing spa in the middle of a shady mangrove forest to get body treatments while enjoying the tranquility in a boat down the river. Uniquely, all the facilities provided are very well designed, so it looks very much like one with nature. You can find Aroma River Spa at Mutiara Beach Resort, Jalan Trikora Km.55, Teluk Dalam, Bintan Regency, Riau Islands.

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