5 Top Anime to watch on Netflix

Netflix is one of those popular OTT platforms harboring the best movies and web series of global repute. Though it took much time for Netflix to get serious about anime, the present collection of anime series and movies impresses anime fans globally. However, not all countries can watch all anime shows just they have some restrictions for other shows on Netflix. If you love to watch anime online, Netflix is the right place where you can choose from the wide array of anime collections they have. Watch fresh anime series on Netflix.

Here are the top 5 anime to watch on Netflix


Running since 2018, this is a parable where through animal characters, the present-day shortfalls are portrayed by the director. This is based on Sanrio’s animal characters that are quite popular cartoon characters in Japan.

This is a story of Retsuko, a Red Panda, a fresh University pass-out and got an accounting job at an office. Initially, she was brimming with optimism however after five years she’s worn out and pissed off by the cutthroat competition with the colleagues.

Her sufferings increased due to the filthy office politics and in the presence of a wild hog boss who is indeed a real pig. Retsuko finds peace in death metal karaoke. If you watch the anime closely, the suffocating office atmosphere that many millennials deal with can be seen through this parable anime.

Attack on Titan

In the fall of 2020, this amazing show on Netflix was wrapped up. This is a great and blockbuster anime running on Netflix where human existence is threatened by the presence of gigantic humanoids. They are the titans whom the mighty heroes fight to sustain their existence.

This show ran for several seasons and quite addictive to many anime fans. If you have Netflix accessibility, watch this action-packed anime ensuring 100% entertainment.


If you loved movies like Zootopia, then this Netflix anime series on anthropomorphic animals will not disappoint you. However, unlike Zootopia, this is darker, mysterious, and stranger. This is more adult viewing anime, unlike Disney’s Zootopia. The highly bingeable Netflix flick has impressed the action anime fan base with its excellent storytelling. The highly imaginative Beastars is inspired by the manga with the same name. The story is about a wolf Logosi that attended an academy where both carnivorous and herbivorous coexisted. Unfortunately, after a brutal murder, he has to deal with his demons and desires.


This Netflix anime is based on Q Hayashida’s sci-fi namesake manga. It is set in Hole, an imaginary metropolis with over increasing numbers of souls that are transforming into monstrous entities by a terrible sorcerer. Here the bounty hunter Caiman’s head turns into a lizard’s head. This is violent and extremely dark. Thus, Dorohedoro is only recommended for those who watch anime of violence and enjoyed the manga, and are a huge fan of the sci-fi series.

Flavors of Youth

This is a Chinese-Japanese co-production venture that tells the poetic story of youth and the plot is set somewhere in China.

Watch these anime on Netflix for ultimate entertainment!