5 Most Underrated Skills That’ll Make You Successful Entrepreneur

Today there so much talk going around about the “Skill Gap” and that is because of a good reason. Today many employers are not able to have so many positions filled in for a long period. And the reason behind it is not that there are not many people applying for it. But it is because they are not having the required and appropriate skills to acquire the position. It is also because that there are many underrated skills that people do not practice and care to acquire.

Jerry Lynch an American professional baseball outfielder and pinch hitter said, “All skills are perfected through the process of failure. Embrace loss as a necessary part of improvement.”

But there is also an easier way to strain success that is to perfect some key aspects that have been carelessly neglected by others. So here we have compiled such 5 most underrated skills that can help us in becoming a successful entrepreneur.


This is one of the crucial soft skills that every role demands. Being persistent simply means pushing through things when we are not able to succeed at first and figure out a way to overcome them. For example, we can take, “Sales” when we are not getting results but we are constantly taking follow-up and update our strategies until we close the deal, that’s persistence. When we tend to fail, we improvise, and when we succeed by doing things in a certain way we tend to replicate the same pattern to achieve success.

Project Management:

Today ideas are everywhere and ideas have become cheap, but when it comes to execution where the real output is lies, things tend to fall apart. If we gather only the visionaries in a room, we will just be left with blueprints and boards full of scribblings but nothing much substantial will come at our hand. The skill of project management helps in meeting the expectations and deadlines as well as keep things moving. For instance, we can look at George Scorsis Florida who is the executive chairman of WeedMD, he is persistent as well as well organized. The immense success as a result of the same can be seen reflected in George Scorsis’s salary.

Basic Photo Editing and Design Skills:

We are living in a digital age and from social media to online branding, this skill of branding, photos, and video editing can help us in actualizing our ideas as well as enable us to put our creative edge to use.

Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional intelligence one of the most underrated skills that have not always been considered much. Although we can have our business flourishing if we are not self-aware then at some point it will result in stagnating our growth. Even in some cases, it can result in rolling us back down the hill.

The Ability to Negotiate:

In the business world, good negotiation skills are something that is constantly required. As it is not enough for us to know what we want and what we need to get from the people but is important that we can ask it in a manner that is persuasive enough. This can help us in growing our business exponentially.