5 Important Principles of Remotely Selling Solar during this Pandemic:

Online shopping has become a huge part of the market in recent years. With the ease of never leaving your home and having your items delivered at your doorstep, buyers find it convenient to buy everything they need through a few clicks. As demand grew, more and more products became available for online shopping. 

While it is true that you can sell almost anything online, for sellers, there are some things to remember as they peddle their products remotely. Some items might be too big, some may need closer inspection before they can be purchased, and some need installation after purchase. These were all possible before the COVID-19 pandemic, and sellers also found it profitable. 

Due to the pandemic, most businesses have encountered various difficulties, especially those who rely on traditional selling to get their products across. However, business owners have also learned how to adapt to remote selling and keep their businesses running even in the midst of pandemic restrictions. For some, selling solar leads remotely has its own challenges, but they have become possible. 

There are important principles to remember especially when it comes to selling solar leads remotely. Here are some to take note of: 

  1. Connections: In order to successfully sell solar leads remotely, staying connected with clients and potential clients is a must. Building trust and keeping that trust is vital in secure remote access selling. Buyers need to feel that they are able to reach out to the company anytime they call for assistance. Keeping various lines of communication open, whether phone, chat, or email, makes buyers feel the ease that they can communicate any time and whichever method necessary. 
  2. Teamwork: In an office setting, it’s easy to communicate back and forth with members of the team, but this is a challenge in a remote setting. To keep selling solar leads remotely, it is important that team members have smooth communication lines as well. Having a fixed schedule for meetings or getting work done will ensure that all members are accessible at the moment they are needed. Keeping the team together and motivated will help in the sales and growth of the company. It is also vital to keep all records accessible, so putting a system in place will keep all records in order, whether they come from meetings or conferences, or email communications, and even communications with buyers. 
  3. Expansion: Compared to traditional selling, remotely selling solar leads actually has an advantage when it comes to reaching more people. Traditional selling might be limited to just a specific area of coverage, but with the proper tools, remote selling can reach a wider radius and a bigger client base. Delivery and installation may not be too much of a problem as these can also present more people an opportunity for a job, even if it is on a project basis. 
  4. Social Media: As almost everyone is staying at home and most likely online, harnessing the power of social media will help sell solar leads remotely. Posting all the right content to attract potential clients is essential and highly effective for any business involving sales. Informative content will also ensure that your business is doing more than just selling products, it shows that you also aim to educate. 
  5. Improvement: Evaluation can be much easier when selling solar leads remotely as you can record conversations and play them back to see areas that need improvement or which methods are effective. This will also allow sellers to learn more methods of selling and learn more about the potential client base. 

Solar Exclusive has years of expertise in the solar industry and uses this mastery to help companies acquire solid solar leads for business growth. Solar Exclusive has fully adjusted to remote selling solar leads and can help companies keep business strong even during this pandemic. Call now for a discussion on how to strengthen your business further.