5 Features to Look For in a Gun Safe

If you are a gun owner planning to carry your firearm in your vehicle, then your choice of commercial safes Tulsa OK will be dependent on the type of vehicle you drive. From console safes to gun safes that are installed under seats, here are five features to look for to make sure you choose the best possible gun safe to fit your vehicle.

Fire Rating

This is a rating that determines how long a safe will hold up when exposed to fire. Each manufacturer has their own method of testing. Fire rating is an important feature to keep in mind when choosing a residential gun safe, and it’s especially important when choosing a gun safe for your vehicle. Considering the presence of gasoline, gun owners must shop for vehicle and console safes keeping the very real possibility of a crash and fire in mind. 

Door Seal

Moisture, dirt, and dust can ruin a firearm. In a vehicle, the risk of a safe coming into contact with these damaging elements is high. Choose a vehicle gun safe with a seal that will keep these elements away from your firearm. Lock’er down vehicle gun safes are designed to keep the interior of your safe clean and dry to ensure that your firearm will work properly every time you use it. 

Type of Lock 

The type of lock that best secures your firearm will depend on how accessible your gun safe is to your passengers. Lock’er down gun safes offer the largest selection of lock options in the vehicle gun safe industry. Customers have the option of customizing the type of lock that is installed, making it easy to choose the type of lock that best suits every owner’s needs. For console safes that may have multiple users, a 4-dial combination lock provides over 10,000 possible combinations. Whether you prefer a keyed entry or a combination code, you have the option of choosing the lock that works best for you.

Steel Thickness

Thick steel doesn’t just protect your firearm from damage, it also protects you and your passengers from misfires that may occur during the bumps and jostles that are a normal part of driving. Console safes must be especially secure given their close proximity to passengers and drivers. The thicker the steel you choose the safer you will be, but it will also make your safe heavier. Some fire safes minnesota are designed to be portable. If you plan on moving your vehicle safe between vehicles, keep in mind the weight you’re comfortable carrying and choose accordingly.

Ease of Installation

Don’t let difficult installation instructions dissuade you from installing a vehicle gun safe. Find a safe that is designed to be easy to install. Most lock’er down gun safes can be installed in ten minutes or less so you can be on the go in no time.

The type of vehicle you drive will determine the size and placement of your vehicle’s gun safe, but it doesn’t have to limit the safety and security of your firearms. 

Keeping these tips in mind as you shop for a gun safe will arm you with confidence that you’re carrying safely on the go.