5 Facts That Would Make You Use Kiln-Dried Firewood

If you want to reduce the moisture content in your firewood, reduce smoke and save time, then kiln-dried firewood is a great choice. It also burns cleaner and is much more durable. In addition, kiln-dried firewood is ready to burn immediately and perfectly seasoned.

Reduces Moisture Content

Kiln-drying firewood is an important step in wood preparation. Freshly cut “green” wood has a moisture content of up to 200 percent, and it must be kiln dried firewood to bring its moisture content down to a safe level. However, the exact moisture content depends on the wood you plan to use and your region’s average annual relative humidity.

Using kiln-dried firewood is an excellent choice for many reasons. First, it will burn more efficiently and produce less smoke. Second, it will prevent the formation of toxic gases like creosote. This gas can affect your health by causing respiratory problems and can also contribute to air pollution.

Produces Less Smoke

When you use kiln-dried firewood, you’ll experience less smoke and waste, and it’s better for the environment. Since the process of drying wood is energy-intensive, it’s important to use renewable sources of energy. Drying can also cause wood to degrade, and some types of wood may not be suitable for the process. Kiln-dried firewood is safer, particularly when camping or doing construction work. After all, dry firewood is essential for survival in the winter.

Kiln-dried firewood has a lower moisture content than seasoned wood, making it burn more quickly and with less smoke. The low moisture content also means that it takes less effort to prepare than traditional seasoned wood, and the process is safer than charcoal.

Saves Time

If you’re in the market for firewood, it makes sense to choose kiln-dried products. This firewood is healthier than fresh wood because it is free of dust, organic allergens, and mold spores. It is also clean and safe to use.

Kiln-dried firewood is lower in moisture content, resulting in a more efficient burn. This is especially important in winter when the air temperature can be cold and damp wood will burn poorly. In addition, kiln-dried firewood is also free of insects and fungi.


Kiln-dried firewood is cheaper because it’s available all year round and guaranteed to have a low enough moisture content to burn. This advantage over seasoned wood is hard to control the drying process and has the ideal moisture content. In addition, kiln-dried wood is a safer choice because it is less likely to be affected by the weather or deterioration from kilning.

Better for the Environment

Kiln-dried firewood is much better for the environment than freshly felled timber. The kiln-drying process reduces the amount of moisture in the logs, reducing their carbon footprint. Kiln-dried firewood is twice as calorific as freshly felled timber, and its lower moisture content means fewer emissions and less smoke.

Kiln-dried firewood has a low moisture content, typically less than 20%, which means it burns more efficiently. This means that a small amount of energy is needed to create the same amount of heat. In addition, kiln-dried firewood is easy to light and produces a huge flame.