5 Common Car Detailing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

You pay a lot of money for your car, and car detailing is a valid form of car maintenance. There are a number of benefits to it, but only if you do it correctly. Fall into the common car detailing mistakes and you don’t reap the benefits.

Car detailing is like returning your car to factory settings, but by detailing car parts, you’re not just caring for your car’s aesthetic appearance. You also increase the longevity of your vehicle.

You protect the paint, stop debris from reaching your engine, and safeguard your tires from oils on the road that can cause damage. You even increase the safety of your drive.

Everyone knows the basics of car detailing, like washing cars before detailing, using at least two buckets, and cleaning from top to bottom, but do you know what errors to avoid. Read below for five common car detailing mistakes to avoid.

  1. Detailing in Direct Sunlight

You’re only making it harder for yourself. You’ll have UV rays beaming down, and as a result, the surface heats and dries as you go. The end result is water spots you just have to go over again.

  1. Wheels and Tires Last

You’ve already gone wrong. Cleaning wheels and tires should be done first. It’s the dirtiest part of your car and if you clean them at the end, you splash road grime and brake dust onto your clean paint.

To avoid this, clean your wheels one at a time with a bucket designated for this purpose.

  1. Using the Wrong Products

You need the best car cleaning agents. Don’t use solvent-based tire protectors. Don’t use dish soaps and detergents. Stick with car shampoos.

Dish soap’s very purpose is to remove wax and grease and it doesn’t determine between cooking grease and the wax that is there to protect your car. It’s a product that is too harsh for your car.

Ammonia-based glass cleaner is also the wrong product. To avoid damaging your upholstery and dashboard surface, choose an ammonia-free product.

You can’t buy cheap products and expect great results. Microfiber towels and car detailing brushes are essentials when it comes to car detailing.

  1. Incorrect Waxing

When it comes to wax for cars, don’t think that you’re protecting your car by adding as many layers as you can. Stick with two. Any more than that and you’re just wasting good wax.

You also shouldn’t apply the wax straight to the surface. Doing this leads to an uneven finish that is dark in places. Make sure you use an applicator.

  1. Wrong Drying Procedure

If you leave your car to dry on its own, you risk watermarks and streaks. Use a microfiber towel to dry the surface, but if you feel the urge to wipe away dirt from a part you’ve missed; don’t.

You need to keep your drying-towel clean otherwise you can scratch dirt across the surface.

Car Detailing Mistakes Avoided

Remember for quality car detailing and to increase the life of your interior, you need to invest in quality gear and you need regular car detailing.

Mistakes are inevitable whenever you learn something new, but it’s a methodical process, and now you know the common car detailing mistakes, you know what to avoid.

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