4 Best Hosting Plans In India

Web hosting is an essential factor for every business that is going online. With the upsurge of online businesses, many businesses are strengthening their footprint with a digital presence. For a strong digital presence, dependable web hosting is one of the foremost essentials. The different types of web hosting can be overwhelming especially for small businesses that are going online for the first time.

Therefore, we will be covering all about web hosting including the popular types of web hosting plans in India.

What Is Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service brought to the web users with online facilities for storing information, images, videos, or any content that is obtainable via the internet. To obtain this service, a client must buy a domain and hosting services from the hosting provider companies.

What Is Web Space

To host any information that a user would like to host, they would ideally need a space and, that space is precisely what the host company provides utilizing the server that it owns. This is known as webspace. When a client wants space, he has to pay a certain domain and hosting price. 

Hosting Plans Available

Hosting services run on web servers. Hosting providers such as Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator are some of the trusted names. Let’s understand the most important hosting plans in India. 

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is the most commonly offered plan by many host companies. This is a cost-effective yet efficient method of hosting. It is definitely recommended for starters. Here, a single server is shared by many users. The service quality depends on the company providing it. Reputed companies have good servers and their services are dependable with prompt support.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers are just one step ahead of shared hosting as far as performance and customizability are concerned. Here, one single server contains multiple virtually partitioned sites and, each site is dedicated to one client each. Performance and security are more enhanced than shared hosting.

WordPress Hosting

This is also another popular web hosting platform that has a 30% grasp of the web. This platform gives the benefit of tailored plans, free licenses for premium plugins, themes, and other tools. They have a high level of performance and better customer service support.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is basically distributed VPSs. Instead of a virtual server, it hosts a whole network. In this platform, downtime is never an issue furthermore, there isn’t any loss of data. The primary advantage of cloud hosting is it measures the server’s resources as needed.


Review and analyze various trending web hosting plans in India, before you finalize one for your website. The scope of your website and the objectives you aim to fulfill through the website will be the deciding factors. Go with a hosting plan that fits your requirement and a hosting company that offers scalability, security and faster technical support.