4 Best Hairstyles Every Man Should Try In 2021


If you are looking to try out something new with your hair in 2021, you have landed at the right place. Most people are nowadays fond of faded haircuts with medium to long hair on the top. The appropriate hairstyle depends on the size and length of your hair.

Read along the blog post to look at the best Barbershop in Brooklyn compilation of hairstyles that every man should try this year.

1. Quiff Hairstyle

If you are fond of trendy hairstyles, quiff hairstyle is the thing for you. This hairstyle has short faded sides and medium-length hair on the top. Therefore, this haircut requires too much styling. To achieve that fashionable look, work your hairstyle on clean and towel-dried hair. You will need a pomade and blow dryer on high heat. If you want to give a messy look to your hair, simply apply the pomade, brush, and blow-dry your hair in a backward direction.

2. Ivy League Hairstyle

Ivy League hairstyle is one of a kind hairstyle that does not require strict guidelines and products for styling. This hairstyle has short hair parted sideways with shorter hair on the sides. If you want to achieve a sophisticated look, the Barbershop in Brooklyn advises having low taper fade. It is because the high taper fade will destroy the contrasting look of the hairstyle. Therefore, ask your barbershop to leave two to three inches on top and fade out the sides to give a classier look.

3. Taper Hairstyle

The taper hairstyle is one of the trendiest hairstyles of the year. Unlike the Ivy League hairstyle, the tapered hairstyle is not faded on the sides. However, they have a long look that is made from a scissor cut. The hairstyle usually becomes shorter at the end. It does not provide the same contrasting feel as the faded hairstyle. Thus, it is one of the most prominent hairstyles among youngsters.

4. Crew Hairstyle

As suggested by Barbershop in Brooklyn, crew hairstyle is the most endearing and stylish look for conventional men. The hairstyle resembles the military short sides and back. Although this hairstyle does not look good on every face shape, you are required to ask your barber to make adjustments to fit the look according to your face shape. Hence, it is the most effortless hairstyle for men in this modern era.

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