3 Ways charity can help people in Villages

Helping someone is more earnest than it might look, as once we partake in this noble act of giving or charity it can be insightful as well as of much viability. If we look closely we can find an innumerous number of villages and regions in many of the underdeveloped countries where poverty is still rampant and people there are in dire straits, urging for all the assistance they can muster.

Giving charity is one of the most preferred and probably the most famous method of offering assistance to such misfortunate poverty-stricken nations and villages. As it helps in the provision of nutritious and hygienic food to safe potable drinking water and proper clothing to asylum and schooling, occupations.

But a major issue here for most of us is to found a foundation which we can help us to provide with proper means to make a difference. Which can enable us to alleviate these individuals suffering at hands of poverty. Hence, Charities becomes the facilitator in face of such a bleak situation.

So here are 3 Ways charity can help people in Villages.


Education is one of the most crucial aspects of our lives, it enables us to explore more and educate us to be a better person and individual. Provided this, many people in the villages are deprived of something which is now seen as natural and indispensable to lead a decent life “Education”. Apart from offering formal education Charities also provides these people with skill-based courses and help them to earn whilst they learn.

Organizations like WE Charity and CAF Online are currently among those who help people in underdeveloped countries and remote villages to get necessities like education and skill training. Craig Kielburger, a social entrepreneur and co-founder of We Charity, brings together people from around the world to promote positive change.

Health and Wellness:

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” truly said Joseph Pilates, a German physical trainer. Charities thus acknowledge this fact and help these people who do not have any access to health care facilities and if even they have so then, it is not in their ambit of budget. To make matters worse people in these nations struggles with HIV and AIDS and basic sanitation and healthcare facilities.

Wars and Natural Disasters:

Wars and natural disasters are ever reoccurring phenomena that cause a tremendous amount of loss of human lives and wealth. In this situation, the Non-profit organizations and the Charity organizations are the ones to respond expeditiously and provides all the necessary assistance. Helping with disaster relief kits and immediate Medical attention even in the remote and inaccessible places like villages of Congo and Nigeria.