3 Tips To Maintain Your Car’s Automatic Transmission

While drivers using an automatic transmission may not think about the transmission very often, it’s important to take care of this part to ensure your vehicle can reliably change gears. Consider a few simple ways to get as many miles out of your transmission as possible.

  1. Address Problems Right Away

There are many different indicators of a failing transmission to keep an eye out for. For instance, if your car slips gears, has a burning smell, shakes or won’t change gears, it’s a good idea to ask a mechanic to take a look at your transmission. Investing in transmission repair Lynnwood may prevent a small issue from turning into a costly one.

  1. Drive Carefully

Some driving habits have the potential to harm your transmission over time. For one, it’s important to avoid quickly switching gears while your vehicle is still in motion. Additionally, your transmission may be put under undue stress if you use your car to tow goods that are excessively heavy. If your vehicle is electric or has a carburetor, it’s even a good idea to sit still for a few minutes after starting your engine to allow your vehicle to heat up a bit.

  1. Check the Fluid

Finally, make sure to monitor your transmission fluid. It is recommended that you flush out the fluid annually; however, if you notice that your fluid is low or dirty, be sure to consult a mechanic as soon as possible. Additionally, it’s important to fill up your transmission with the proper fluid to ensure it can do its job properly.

Replacing your vehicle’s transmission can be a costly endeavor and leaving it in a poor state could result in major problems while on the road. By keeping up with routine maintenance and driving cautiously, you can help your transmission to continue operating smoothly for many years to come.