3 most popular festivals in Slovenia

Slovenia is a country located in the southern region of Central Europe; its environment’s aesthetic value is up to standard and the people are just so amazing.That is just one of the reasons why you should pay this beautiful country a visit. Another reason to visit Slovenia is that the Countryis famous for hosting some of the most adrenaline packed festivals on the planet. So, if you are a festival lover, this is the right destination for you. Annually, cities and towns across the country host some of the most exciting and breathe-taking festivals, the uniqueness and diversity of these festivals make it possible for almost everyone to feel at home when they are in attendance. Ranging from local to international, these festivals are aimed at capturing every single aspect that one may be looking for. If you are a fan of music, art or cinema then you can be assured that you will be entertained to the highest of standards.Some of the most popular festivals in Slovenia are as follows;

Lent Festival (June 20-29)

Hosted in Maribor every year, Lent is one of the oldest yet exciting festivals in Central Europe. Started more than 20 years ago, along the banks of DravaRiver, this festival has only gotten better and better with each passing year. It remains one of the largest multi-genre and multicultural festival in Europe, just like finewine, it keeps on improving with the passing years. Since Slovenia is made up of many diverse cultures, this multicultural festival can give you a snapshot of what the country is all about. You will have an opportunity to learn and interact with very many people from different corners of the world and when you leave you will have something good to remember Slovenia with.

Each year this festival attracts more than over half a million people making it one of the largest open-air festivals in the whole of Europe.If you are the type of person that prefers to have fun outdoors then this is the festival that you should not miss. Those in attendance have the privilege of enjoying some of the best exhibitions, circus performances, folklore and many other forms of recreational performances. If you are a lover of fireworks, the fireworks scene performed over the Drava River will definitely make your soul jerk out of your body.

This festival is all about having fun,learning and interacting with different people that travel from all over the world.This type of interaction can be very beneficial as it is likely to promote the holistic development of an individual.Due to its popularity, so many people travel to Maribor annually to join the millions of people that participate in this festival. This year Lent festival will be held from 20th June to 29th June in more than 40 locations across the great city of Maribor and everyone is more than welcome to attend. Come and get firsthand experience in one of the world’s best multi-genre festival.

Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival (July 16-20)

Named after Dr. Karol Grossmann, the pioneer of Slovenian cinematography and launched in 2005, GrossmannFantastic Film and Wine Festival is one of the largest and most celebrated film festivals in Europe. Every year in the month of July The Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival is hosted in the town of Ljutomer.

The festival involves activities such as wine tasting, bookpresentations, liveconcerts, and traditional monster parties. If you are a great fan of movies especially of the horror and sci-fi genre this is the right festival for you.At first, the festival was all about films and cinema performances but with time wine tasting was added as an activity that those in attendance took part in.The decision to include wine came naturally because the hosting town Lujtomer and the towns around it were known to have some of the best wines. The festival also features many film guests and a collection of unconventional movies so this could be a good place to meet some of your favorite producers in the horror films genre. This festival mainly focuses on the fierce and frightening movies that are somehow being forgotten, this makes it one of the most intriguing festivals in Slovenia. Since the festival is all about promoting the movie industry you can be part of something great by attending as many festivals as you can.

The main aim of this festival is to return danger and boldness to the present daycinema, which seems to degrade its reputation; this is done through engaging in activities that are likely to enhance creativity within the film industry.This may involve putting on costumes that in a way depict something horrific or some mythical creature that is way too scary and dangerous.This festival has played a big role in ensuring that horror films do not lose their authenticity by ensuring that they provide the best themes each year. Movie directors of this genre have always tried their best to attend the festival so that they can keep the fire in the film industry burning by borrowing some of the best ideas and applying them in their next movie.

There is so much creativity in this festival so if you are looking to start a career in the film industry or if you are just looking to have a taste of some scary but exciting fun Ljutomer is the place you need to be. Youwill be exposed to all manner of captivating scenes, whoknows, you might even have a chance to take part in the traditional Zombiewalk. Well, if you are looking forward to doing that it is not too late because the festival is set to take place in July so you can still grab your chance and make it to the front row.

Kurentovanje (February 15-25)

This festival has been in existence since 1961 and is held every February, for a period of 10 days, to Shrove Tuesday. Also known as the festival of fertility, it is by far the most known Mardi Gras festival in Slovenia; it is held in Ptuj, which is one of the oldest towns in of Slovenia. The name is this festival is derived from its central figures, the Kurent.

The Kurents were believed to have the supernatural abilities that enabled them to control seasons, early folk tales told that they could chase away the winter season and usher in early spring and in return make the lands to produce a good harvest. This was believed to be possible because of the cowbells that were put on the Kurent’s belts, so the idea was that the noise made by these bells chased winter away. Like any other festival Kurentovanje has its own special costume which consists mainly of sheepskin, blackboots, green or red wool socks, a hat like an outfit and a cowbell hanging from a belt made of chains, but to have a complete Kurent look you must have a special mask which is specially made from leather.

According to the guidelines set out by the Kurents not just anyone can make this mask, the mask has to be made by Kurent masters who according to the Slovenian Ministry of Culture are currently only two. The mask is made in such a way that there is one hole cut out for your mouth and two holes for your eyes, a trunk that resembles a nose is then fitted along with some twigs that are meant to resemble whiskers. The teeth which are made of white beans are then added and for the final touch a long, red tongue is attached to the mask to complete the look.And because the festival has been there for many decades it is one of the most popular festivals not only in Slovenia but the entire world,it is part of what makes Slovenia the great country that it is.

This festival involves activities such as theatre performances, concerts, and programs for children. Throughout the years the festival has been able to attract so many people from different parts of the world ranging from the local residents to international visitors that flock in every year to have a peek at some of the best performances. So if you are looking forward to having some amazing time with your family Ptuj is the town to be. You will have the chance to explore and learn about one of Slovenia’s treasured and hidden sides. The festival is quite colorful so there is no doubt that you will be properly entertained and above all, you will get the chance to witness one of the best wonders in Slovenia.

The only thing left to do now, is to pack your bags, so you can experience these beautiful festivals yourself. But before you leave on your adventure, make sure to check out the German website from Backpackertrail. There you can find more information on what to expect during your journey in Slovenia.

List of other major festivals on Slovenia

  • January -Women’s World Cup Slalom and Giant Slalom Competition
  • February- Pust v Cerknici
  • March -Drežnica Carnival
  • April-Chocolate Festival
  • May-International Wildflower Festival
  • June-Ana Desetnica Street Theatre Festival
  • July-Festival Bled
  • August-Festival Radovljica
  • September-­Slovenian Film Festival
  • October-Ljubljana Marathon
  • November-St Martin’s Day
  • December-Christmas