3 Keys to Building Sold Business Relationships

As any professional salesperson knows, closing the deal is just as much about the personal relationship with the client as it is about the product or service offered. The easiest way to build your business is to forge solid relationships with your customers, and it isn’t difficult if you follow three basic principles.

Be Genuine

It may be tempting to try to be all things to all people, but as anyone who’s worked in a client-based business can tell you, that strategy will inevitably backfire. Lasting business relationships rely on genuine interpersonal connection from the start, so be sure to avoid techniques like flattery or making promises you’re unable or unwilling to keep. You don’t have to overshare or get too personal, but whenever you’re conversing or just talking shop, keep it authentic.

Stay Connected

Like any relationship, having a good rapport comes from repeated positive interactions over a long period of time. Even when your client doesn’t currently need anything from your business, keeping in touch using good postcard ideas for real estate clients or other innovative ways to check in with them is a great way to retain your network. In addition, your name will stay in front of your client’s mind, possibly increasing opportunities for those valuable referrals.

Practice Reciprocity

Don’t forget to return the favor for any of your clients when you can. For instance, if you are an insurance salesperson and just wrote a policy for a new restaurant, remember to patronize the business and tell others about it. Not only will your client’s successful restaurant bring you renewal premiums year after year, you’ll also solidify your relationship and gain a reputation as someone in the community who cares about other small businesses.

The more time you spend building solid client relationships, the more successful your business will be in the long run. Making connections with your clients will pay dividends for you professionally and personally.